Harry Potter Mania

Harry Potter cast
Look at these Kids all grown up

Ok so I was lucky enough to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow part one on opening day here in Juneau . Now this is a big feat because we don’t have transportation here and it becomes quite difficult to get from point a to point b . We went on Monday night and got the tickets ( only took us two whole hours) . After work on Friday we all meet up and made our way to the theatre , we arrived a bit before six and got in a long line waiting to be let into the theatre where we could fight and claw for some seats . We celebrated Nicole birthday in line ( because she will be home next week) and played stupid naming games while we tried to keep warm ( its freezing this week in Juneau ).

Eventually we were unleashed into the theater and its was freaking crazy its bring back memories of scary times …..

Flash Back five years ( BLACK FRIDAY ) its Four thirty in the morning and I am in a Wal-Mart with my mother , blood is freely flowing down the isles streaming away from a giant stand where once stood 1500 Barbie dolls that were on sale for $2.55 . A body lay discarded in the home appliance isle where that unlucky patron lost a battle over a Microwave ( $12.99 before three am ) . A woman lay crying quietly to herself because she was not fast enough to commandeer a Play station ( $156.99) .

So basically it was kind of a mad house in the theatre , generally on par with anything you will be seeing this coming Friday in any wall mart across this great country.

Ok so back to the movie , well it was AMAZING I loved it , I know they would not be considered great movies in the grand scheme of life , but I loved it . I have read all the books and I think they did a fantastic job of adapting them into great movies . Now the scariest / greatest thing about these movies is that these kids have grown up I mean really they are adults now and its kind of creepy I feel a bit like a pedophile for thinking that Ginny and Hermione have become quiet beautiful young women .

Ginny is Pretty

See Look Ginny Is HOT

Emma Watson Is Hot
Grown up Emma

Emma Cut all here hair off and she is absolutely Stunning

Bonnie Modeling
Look at Sexy Bonnie Wright

Ginny is doing some great modeling , she could Show some of them girls on Americas Next Top Model a thing or two .

Emma Watson Modeling
Emma Watsons Sexy photo Shoot

Emma is no slouch herself

Some more For your Enjoyment

Now getting to the pedophiliac ( not really they are both legal ) subject and back to life in Juneau . Last weekend we had a Harry Potter marathon so we would be ready for Deathly Hallows. Now we have seen these movies multiple times so we had a bit of fun and picked our Counter parts in the film. Now we picked ours and gave them to everyone we are currently living here with in Alaska ( a fun game for all if your bored one day )

Now I will just tell you that I was lucky enough to be Ron , this is because I come from a big family and I am generally an awkward individual . Cathleen was Hermione , because she is smart and tough and can throw a glare like no other . Nicole was Ginny , because she is pint sized and feisty . Jennifer was Cho because she is defiantly a Ravenclaw and she liked Cedric . My Mother was Mrs. Weasly , My Boss was Professor McGonagall and so on , if you are an Americorps member in Juneau ( My girls ) you can text me and ill let you know who you were .

What Harry Potter Character are you ?

What’s Your favorite Harry Potter Movie ?

Who’s Hotter Ginny or Hermione ????