Mt Roberts

Mt Roberts is a Mountain next to the main part of Juneau, it’s quite huge and they have tram tours taking people up to the top like every six minutes or something. Nicole, Cathleen and I decided we would attempt to climb the mountain and Nicole thought it would be good to do this at about five because then when we got to the top we could watch the sunset. I was game, I was getting psyched out all day because I knew a hike was coming and I was just ready to bust this mother out. We get on the bus and made our way t the bottom, Cathleen is like “guys I don’t think we can do this I think it’s going to be too much and I don’t know if we can do this at 500 , we might get stuck up their at night” . She had two tickets up the tram so we spilt the third ticket and rode the tram up. Wow this is just amazing its so pretty, kind of scary riding this thing up but pretty none the less (I did have a hold of the guard rail just in case the floor fell out). Once at the top we stopped and saw Lady Baltimore, who is a rescued bald eagle. Wow what an amazing creature.
Side Story:
All I can think about when I hear the name Lady Baltimore is the one episode of The Simpsons where Bart goes over to principal Skinners house and has to sit with Agnes, Agnes decided to start showing him her photo album of cakes and she is like “That’s a Lady Baltimore cake ahahahahhah Ok not to funny now but if you all had seen it you would be Laughing to.

After the bird we started walking on one of the paths hopefully leading to things that are beautiful. We make our way up to some view points and at each one we are like OMG this is so amazing it’s the best view ever , and once we get to the new landing we say the same thing ahahahah. We meet some nice people who talk to us about trails and such for a bit. We finally make it up really high to a cross and there are some rocks like jutting out of the ground, it’s so beautiful. I have had the privilege of traveling to many places in the world and this is by far one of the most breathtaking, it’s so amazing to stand here on top of mountains and look out forever, you just feel so small. IT’S AWESOME. Well after our little moment we started having some fun taking crazy pictures ahahah we are such models in our Alaskan climbing gear. Cathleen is wearing nothing but spandex and I look like a hobo ahahah we are an amazing group. We had tons of fun taking pictures and goofing off. We continued to walk up the mountain further and it just kept getting prettier and prettier it was amazing. We saw a goat that was pretty exciting. We ended up finding a nice place and sitting there watching the sunset it was amazing. My best day so far in Juneau
The girls decided that they needed frozen yogurt, now we thought the place closed at eight because everything in Juneau closes early, well we were about 3 miles away. we started walking like mothers it was crazy we were running ahahah , we finally round the corner to the store and they are open whoooo hoooo , look at the sign 8-11 OMG we just ran for nothing we are all covered in sweat and smell like a group of lumberjacks for nothing ahahahahahah it was Hysterical . We eat our ice cream in the bus stop because we don’t want to miss the next bus , While me and Nicole ate Cathleen did pushups , why I don’t know she is clearly crazy. Only after me and Nicole finished did we get up and join her, so we were all outdoors waiting for the bus doing a workout. We were blessed enough to have some of the crazies of Juneau join us and that was way too much fun. Off to bed I need some rest for my poor legs and my fat stomach.