Online Dating …

Online dating ….
Once I decided to come out I wanted to meet people and one of the only ways to meet men in Juneau is to simply look online. Well I was nervous talking to people because there are a lot of fears about talking to people you have never met. I mean I have seen catfish and that shit was scary.
List of things to fear from online dating
1. Murderer
2. Rapist
3. Kidnapper
4. Drug dealer
5. Runs a ring of dog fights
6. Worships the special god My-pok
7. Ugly
8. Not real
9. Ugly
10. Ugly

I really didn’t want to run into any of this


download (2)



Don’t get me wrong I was well aware I was not going to be running into this
Because lets be honest no one is as hot a David Beckham.

I had been speaking to a guy and he had sent me a picture and he looked normal. He was talking like a normal person, I didn’t sense any pedophile tendencies I didn’t hear any creepy murderous undertones. I felt like this guy might be a good guy. So I decided to meet up with him for a drink.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE ANXIOUS… I was sweating and having slight heart palpations. I was just getting over a cold and was till hacking a bit every now and then.

I almost ran.. I almost bolted right from the bar.

But I didn’t and slightly sweaty holding in nervous gas and wearing a shartigan I met Scott for the 1st time …. Could not have been happier, I met a wonderful, nice, kind and not creepy man who also happened to be very good looking. We have almost been together a year and I have never been happier … Love you baby.


I hear Shotguns Racking, Modern Witch Trials

My friend Cathleen has a wonderful Blog Sweaty Kid , its mostly about her running. Ever so often she will grace us with a witty story or little life lesson. Now a couple of weeks ago we were watching Americas Next Top Model and I was comparing all the girls to ones on the show. I made a comment to the effect of wow Cathleen they would say you were too masculine on the show because “ you could eat the other girls” now this was made as a cut to the anorexic girls on the show. Because as well all know they only weight like 15 pounds I could eat like three just fro brunch. Cathleen understood what I meant and had no hard feelings. She did decide that this would be a good nugget of wisdom to impart on her blog subscribers. The title of her blog was
“You look like you could eat the other girls.” Athletes, body image, and form vs. function.”

Here is a little bit of her blog for you

“In speculation of how I would fare on the show, he delightedly put on a Tyra Banks impression and threw around both neutral and inflammatory versions of the terms “athletic” and “muscular” and finished with, “you look like you could eat the other girls.” 

I have to take it as a compliment. Backhanded, perhaps, but a compliment all the same. 
Because the truth is, I’m no whale. I’m 5’9 and athletic, occasionally semi-svelte and occasionally not-so-svelte, depending on my eating and exercise habits of the month.
Startlingly, people I don’t even know will often approach me and blurt out loud about my semi-bulky shoulders and ”soccer thighs.” Why this unencouraged commentary is presumed acceptable, I’m not sure. Again, I’ve learned to take it as a positive thing rather than an attack.”

Ok see how she brings everything back around to running . Well I did not care about the blog as long as Cathleen realized I was not calling her fat only saying she has more muscle mass than the skinny girls on the show ( Cathleen has more muscle mass than I do .. So do most fourth graders).

Well now some of her readers did not understand the context in which I said what I said. One in particular was my favorite

“Speaking for the male of the species, I must say your jerk friend’s comments do not necessarily reflect the rest of the intelligent world. Our society has been programmed with some odd attraction to those waif like models, but I don’t get it. To me, there is nothing more attractive than an athletic woman.
Body shape has nothing to do with performance, and we all work with what we were given. Your frame sounds strong and heathly and everything a young woman should be, not some stick figure that looks like a strong wind would blow them away. I hope that you continue to be proud of your image and the hard work that you’ve put in to build it.
Rhino? Please. You are a healthy young woman and should have bicycle kicked that dude out the door.”

Now as you might be able to tell apparently I have offended this mans mother or sister . It might be Cathleen’s Dad ??? Well any way I got a great big laugh out of someone reaming me online over a conversation they were never a part of. Either way its no sweat off my back , I will start listening for shot guns racking in the background becasue this is a good old fashioned witch hunt . Again check out my SKINNY BFFS blog at

My Favorite Things

My favorite Things

I am taking a cue from Oprah and making a list of my favorite things from the past year . This is basically a recap of everything I did this year that was amazing and new . All the things I found for the first time and the people I meet for the first time.
Me at the Beginning of the Year

Moving to Alaska
Living in Mexico
Graduating with a Masters
Attack of the Tehones

Getting a Peace Crop Interview
Joining Americorps
Museum in Mexico

Nick and Ashley Wedding
Vera and Jason Wedding
Going to Sitka

Working at Telamon
Mother Comes to Mexico
Miranda Accident
Nicks Proposal

Playing The Great Dalmuti
Being on the Radio

Places (I went to in 2010)
Mexico City

La Espiga
Douglass Island

Ed and Betsy’s Home
My Bedroom in Mexico
Fred Meyer

Deloros Hildago
El Royal
Mt Roberts
Mendenhall Glacier

TV ( These are all TV I enjoyed In 2010)

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

True Blood
Arrested Development
Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars
30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
The Golden Girls
Modern Family

Requiem for a Dream

Toy Story 3
Please Give
The Girl with the Dragon tattoo
The Social network
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Animal Kingdom
The kids are alright
Paranormal Activity 2
Due Date
Rescue Dawn
Let the Right one in

A Single man
Right at your door
The Shinning
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Music ( I found in 2010 )
The Dog Days Are over : Florence + The Machine
Dog Days are Over
Skinny Love : Bon Iver
Higher Window : Josh Groban
In for the Kill : La Roux
Welcome to Burlesque : Cher
I wish the best for you : Emerson Hart

Time of my Life :Dirty Dancing
Express :Christina Aguleria
Bad Romance : Lady Gaga
Firework :Katy Perry
California Gurls : Katy Perry
Drumming Song : Florence + the Machine
Anything by Clint Mansell
Inception Soundtrack
Funhouse: Pink
Hidden Away : Josh Groban

The Girl with the Dragon tattoo Series :Stieg Larson

The Life and Times of the thunderbolt kid :Bill Bryson
My horizontal Life : Chelsea Handler
Playing for Pizza : John Grisham

Food / Drinks
Sushi at Seongs

Tacos across from OXXO
Frozen Caps from OXXO
Bread from Espiga
Reiners Beer
The Bottle of Tequila for Acapulco
Fro Yo

Sweaty Kid Blog

Everyday Joy

Book of Awesome / 100 Best things Blog

Hyperbole and a Half Blog

Kellys Bad Romance

Bird Dancing to Whip your Hair

Kittens on the Rumba

Single Ladies Clown

David after Dentist

Scarlett takes a Tumble

The Angry Strawberry

Girl Who Wants a Lolipop

Antoine Dodson

People who are new to my life in 2010
Luis and Franco
Mary Cruz
Susan ,Shawn and their Kids
Emily L.

My Babies
Ana Laura- My Baby Girl
Andres + Andres – My Fav Boys
Melina – My little hot mess

Top Ten Moments of 2010

1: Taking my Babies to the zoo and seeing all of the children’s faces light up ,when they see animals that they have never seen before. These kids are so wonderful and watching them experience such joy was the best moment of 2010.

2: Moving to Juneau/ Joining Americorps , moving was hard and scary and I am even still scared but I think its been a great four months and its only getting easier as time goes by.

3: Las Estacs with Kelly , Sabin , Mary Cruz and Mother. This is the most amazing place I have ever been to , I loved it . I turned into a twelve year old child when I was here paying in the water .

4: Going to Guanajuato with Kelly and Sabin , This was the best trip we took in Mexico and it was the most crazy , the frog , the singing , the coffee place , the mummies , the buffets

5: Running two 5ks , in Mexico I ran my first 5k and then in Juneau I ran a 5k Biathlon and I felt such pride and joy when I finished both of them .

6:Giving clothes away at The Migrant camps with my Family . See the people get excited of old clothes and truly be appreciative of something most people deem as trash made me feel amazing

7: Grand Rapids with Kevin , this was the most fun I have ever had with a stranger ( who is now a friend ) , Spray tan , Sonic , Driving , Tanning , Meetings , Tony the Tiger , Zumba.

8: My Birthday with Kelly , she almost died and I broke a finger , but we had an amazing time and it was truly my favorite birthday ever .

9: Climbing Mt Roberts at Sunset with Nicole and Cathleen , this was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life absolutely gorgeous and we had an amazing photo shoot

10:The Wedding in Mexico , The second day in Mexico Kelly and I went to a wedding reception together and it was a blast truly the day we because the best of friends

Honorable mention

Team Building Exercise with Cat , never has something so physically hard been so much fun , I re-watch the video over and over again laughing at the spectacle that we made of ourselves.

Me at the end of the Year

I would like to thank everyone who has been apart of my life this year ( New and old Friends ) this has been of the best years of my life and I look forward to everything that will come my way next year .

Biathlon = Running and Shooting, Where do I sign up ???

Biathlon as according to Wikipedia (My Favorite source)
• Biathlon is a term used to describe any sporting event made up of two disciplines. However, biathlon usually refers specifically to the winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Other popular variants include summer biathlon, which combines cross-country running with riflery, modern biathlon and biathle, which combine running with swimming.
Some of the History of the Biathlons (also from Wikipedia)
The sport has its origins in an exercise for Norwegian soldiers, as an alternative training for the military. The world’s first known ski club, the Trysil Rifle and Ski Club, was formed in Norway in 1861 to promote national defense at the local level.
Called military patrol, the combination of skiing and shooting was contested at the Olympic Winter Games in 1924, and then demonstrated in 1928, 1936, and 1948, but did not regain Olympic recognition then, as the small number of competing countries disagreed on the rules (see also Governing body, below). During the mid-1950s, however, biathlon was introduced into the Russian and Swedish winter sport circuits and was widely enjoyed by the public. This newfound popularity aided the effort of having biathlon gain entry into the Winter Olympics.
The first World Championship in biathlon was held in 1958 in Austria, and in 1960 the sport was finally included in the Olympic Games. At Albertville in 1992, women were first allowed in Olympic biathlon.
The competitions from 1958 to 1965 used high-power centerfire such as .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x51mm NATO, etc. before the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge was standardized in 1978. The ammunition was carried in a belt worn around the competitor’s waist. The sole event was the men’s 20 km individual, encompassing four separate ranges and firing distances of 100 m, 150 m, 200 m, and 250 m. The target distance was reduced to 150 m with the addition of the relay in 1966. The shooting range was further reduced to 50 m in 1978 with the mechanical targets making their debut at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.
And finally some more information about biathlons (Wiki Wiki)
The complete rules of biathlon are given in the official IBU rule book (see External links, below).
Basic concepts
A biathlon competition consists of a race in which contestants ski around a cross-country track, and where the total distance is broken up by either two or four shooting rounds, half in prone position, the other half standing. Depending on the shooting performance, extra distance or time is added to the contestant’s total running distance/time. As in most races, the contestant with the shortest total time wins.
For each shooting round, the biathlete must hit five targets; each missed target must be “atoned for” in one of three ways, depending on the competition format:
by skiing around a 150 metres (490 ft) penalty loop, typically taking 20–30 seconds for top-level biathletes to complete (running time depending on weather/snow conditions),
by having one minute added to a skier’s total time, or
by having to use an “extra cartridge” (placed at the shooting range) to finish off the target; only three such “extras” are available for each round, and a penalty loop must be made for each of the targets left standing.
In order to keep track of the contestants’ progress and relative standing throughout a race, split times (intermediate times) are taken at several points along the skiing track and upon finishing each shooting round. The large display screens commonly set up at biathlon arenas, as well as the information graphics shown as part of the TV picture, will typically list the split time of the fastest contestant at each intermediate point and the times and time differences to the closest runners-up.
Skiing details
All cross-country skiing techniques are permitted in biathlon, which means that the free technique is usually the preferred one, being the fastest. No equipment other than skis and ski poles may be used to move along the track. Minimum ski length is 4 centimetres (1.6 in) less than the height of the skier.
Shooting details
The biathlete carries the small bore rifle, which weighs at least 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lb), including ammunition in magazines on his/her back during the race. The rifles use .22 LR ammunition and are bolt action or Fortner (straight-pull bolt) action.
The target range shooting distance is 50 metres (160 ft). There are five circular targets to be hit in each shooting round. When shooting in the prone position the target diameter is 45 millimetres (1.8 in), when shooting in the standing position the target diameter is 115 millimetres (4.5 in). On all modern biathlon ranges, the targets are self-indicating, in that they flip from black to white when hit, giving the biathlete as well as the spectators instant visual feedback for each shot fired.
Competition format
The 20 kilometres (12 mi) individual race (15 km for women) is the oldest biathlon event; the distance is skied over five laps. The biathlete shoots four times at any shooting lane,[1] in the order of prone, standing, prone, standing, totaling 20 targets. For each missed target a fixed penalty time, usually one minute, is added to the skiing time of the biathlete. Competitors’ starts are staggered, normally by 30 seconds.
The sprint is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) for men and 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) for women; the distance is skied over three laps. The biathlete shoots twice at any shooting lane, once prone and once standing, for a total of 10 shots. For each miss, a penalty loop of 150 metres must be skied before the race can be continued. As in the individual competition, the biathletes start in intervals.
Main article: Pursuit racing
In a pursuit, biathletes’ starts are separated by their time differences from a previous race,[2] most commonly a sprint. The contestant crossing the finish line first is the winner. The distance is 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) for men and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) for women, skied over five laps; there are four shooting bouts (two prone, two standing, in that order), and each miss means a penalty loop of 150 m. To prevent awkward and/or dangerous crowding of the skiing loops, and overcapacity at the shooting range, World Cup Pursuits are held with only the 60 top ranking biathletes after the preceding race. The biathletes shoot on a first-come, first-served basis at the lane corresponding to the position they arrived for all shooting bouts.
Mass start
In the mass start, all biathletes start at the same time and the first across the finish line wins. In this 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) or 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) for women competition, the distance is skied over five laps; there are four bouts of shooting (two prone, two standing, in that order) with the first shooting bout being at the lane corresponding to your bib (Bib #10 shoots at lane #10 regardless of position in race.) with rest of the shooting bouts being at the lane in the position they arrived (Arrive at the lane in fifth place, you shoot at lane five.). As in sprint races, competitors must ski one 150 m penalty loop for each miss. Here again, to avoid unwanted congestion, World Cup Mass starts are held with only the 30 top ranking athletes on the start line (half that of the Pursuit as here all contestants start simultaneously).
The relay teams consist of four biathletes, who each ski 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) (men) or 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) (women), each leg skied over three laps, with two shooting rounds; one prone, one standing. For every round of five targets there are eight bullets available, though the last three can only be single-loaded manually one at a time from spare round holders or bullets deposited by the competitor into trays or onto the mat at the firing line. If after eight bullets there are still misses, one 150 m penalty loop must be taken for each missed target remaining. The first-leg participants start all at the same time, and as in cross-country skiing relays, every athlete of a team must touch the team’s next-leg participant to perform a valid changeover. On the first shooting stage of the first leg, the participant must shoot in the lane corresponding to their bib number (Bib #10 shoots at lane #10 regardless of position in race.), then for the remainder of the relay, the relay team shoots at the lane in the position they arrived (Arrive at the range in 5th place, you shoot at lane five.).
Mixed relay
The most recent addition to the number of biathlon competition variants, the mixed relay, is similar to the ordinary relay but for the composition of the teams, each of which consists of two women and two men. Legs 1 and 2 are done by the women, legs 3 and 4 by the men. The women’s legs are 6 km and men’s legs are 7.5 km as in ordinary relay competitions.
Team (obsolete)
A team consists of four biathletes, but unlike the relay competition, all team members start at the same time. Two athletes must shoot in the prone shooting round, the other two in the standing round. In case of a miss, the two non-shooting biathletes must ski a penalty loop of 150 m. The skiers must enter the shooting area together, and must also finish within 15 seconds of each other; otherwise a time penalty of one minute is added to the total time. Since 2004, this race format has been obsolete at the World Cup level.
Now that you have a basic grasp of what a biathlon is (Thanks Wikipedia ) I would like to let everyone know that I Andrew Dubay competed and completed a Biathlon.
“Him??? With that Muffin Top? “
“He can barely walk to the Bathroom”
“He complains at work, he works in an office?”

I will take your gasps as applause and the laughter as congratulations. I was not going to do it because I was scared and really lazy, but I decided it would be fun and a good experience. We get ready and head over to the course where we have to sign up and size up the competition. Now I know I am going to lose, but my only goal is not to be in last place I don’t want everyone to finish before me. After we sign up they teach us some gun safety (this consisted of an old man telling us to pull the knob back to cock the gun and then shoot).
The other competitors are showing up and they look fierce , I mean the entire boys high school cross country team has shown up , a whole team of coast guard guys or as all the young girls call them “Coasties ( really cause they carry your drink REALLY )”. My main objective is to have one of the girls place because there are not that many women here “if you place then you get money and I want a pizza”. They women don’t look to bad they will probably all be around the same time (better than mine). There is one lady though that looks especially scary, I mean she has got more muscles in her one leg than I do my whole body.
We limber up and take some fun photos while we wait for the race to finally begin; they had to wait until everyone had some time to shoot the guns.
Now they take us out to the start line and line us up in groups of four then we will go in two minute intervals, we are like the fifth group to go , we get all set up snap some more fun pictures, the race guys got one of us maybe we will be in the Sitka newspaper woot woot.
Ok so we start, now I can run like Jamie lee Curtis evading Michael Myers for about 200 yards. So I haul butt and make myself look great till I pass the end of a little bridge where everyone can’t see me , then I start speed walking or as I like to refer to it Soccer mom walk.
• Definition: Soccer mom walk: Clench your ass check together, straighten your back and start speed walking.
OMG I just finished the fist mile and Emily is like breathing down my neck I can’t shake her, this woman is a beast. We go in to shoot lying “prone” and I shoot really quickly so I can get back out to running before her.
Side note my only goal in the race was to beat Emily and Erin
OMG another mile down and she is still on me like a cobra, I go shoot even faster this time standing up, so fast I actually lose a bullet ahahah 5 seconds on my side. I am going to die I don’t know why I keep doing crap like this it’s horrible am soaking wet and my heart my stop beating at any second . Half way through the last mile I am able to keep my lead on Emily. I run and I mean “Jamie run “for the last 200 yards finishing quite nicely if I say so myself.
Emily comes in behind me just by like a minute (she will actually have a better time because she did hit the targets). Erin makes her way in no more than five behind us and we are all so happy we are finally done with this pain ahahahahahah.
Well the girls did not place because they counted everyone and it was a weird system so it looks like no pizza for me  As much as it was painfully and I am all wet I did have an amazing time and I am so happy I have done my first biathlon.

Sitka: The 4th biggest town in Alaska … whew its small

Welcome to Sitka The 4th biggest town in all of Alaska and we’re no bigger than the Detroit Wall mart.

We are going to spend the weekend in Sitka , for Alaska day . Up here the whole world shuts down for Alaska day because they are celebrating their independence from Russia. Now we are going to Sitka because it used to be the capital of Alaska at the time they gained their independence .

The trip was going to involve riding a ferry and staying in a motel , going to museums and brewery’s yeahh I am so excited because this is going to be an amazing vacation. We got up on Friday and got all packed and ready and made our way down to the ferry terminal . Emily , Erin , Jennifer , Micah and I were so very excited for our first Alaska Adventure ( well Micah lives here so its not a first for him ). We got on the boat and totally scoped the whole thing out looking for a good seat because we did not want to have to be quit for the old people or deal with little kids being all bratty.

We start playing this fun little game called Catch phrase, once the boat takes off , well who would have thought it but Jennifer and I have some sort of weird telepathic connection and we are kind of BA while playing this game

Jennifer: They have a Prince
Andrew: Monaco

Jennifer: Black Desert
Andrew : Sahara

Well we attempt some napping and that proves to be a joke , so we go foraging for food and end up on cheese dip and Doritos ahahaha I love it. We finally land in Sitka we are all stoked it going to be a great weekend and a wonderful Alaska Day
Ten minutes later

Ok Sitka is boring , we can go home we have officially seen the whole dang town all two mile of it. This has to be the Smallest and most po dunking town ever , what are we going to do with ourselves for four days omg there is nothing . We check into the hotel under the ruse of their only being two of us , and we set out walking looking for something to do , I don’t even know what we did probably just walked a bit then we decided it was time to eat . We smell this aroma wafting from a building and it smell glorious we follow and its name is AGAVE , it’s a Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican, American , Pizza , and just about anything in between. we had a great dinner that resulted in all of us needing to use the bathroom very urgently. We returned to the hotel and got excited about another day in Sitka the land where there is nothing to do

Someone Call A&E, Because we got ourselves a full Fledged HOARDER

“these photos are not of the house we cleaned they are from the Tv Show Hoarders on A&E”

Here is a Brief descripton of the show

“Each episode of this groundbreaking series follows two different people whose inability to let go of their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of personal disaster. In season three of HOARDERS™, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the people profiled are faced with life-changing consequences including eviction, divorce, demolition of their homes, jail time, loss of their children, and even death.”

This is a spectacular show on A&E and I would recommend that everyone watch it just to see the absolute craziness of it.

Now for the day of caring Jennifer, Nicole and I volunteered to clean a blind woman’s house , we were not told much about this woman but that she was blind . Brenda , Anne and Linnie also went with us into the unexpected. When we got there you could tell it was a different kind of mess , there was stuff everywhere. We split into two groups , me and the girls going to the back of the house to work and the rest laying tiles in the living room ( which was just bare floors ) .
We walk into the kitchen which seems to be one of the best rooms in the house so whew. We make our way to the back and as we get closer to were she sleeps the mess gets worse and worse its getting scary. The lady would like us to go through the closet and help her sort her clothes making sure she only keeps the good clothes and gets rid of the bad ones .

Side note I don’t believe this lady is a full fledged hoarder , her son (her caretaker) died three years ago and she has not been able to clean things away because the chemo took her eyesight. She has also had tons of people come and live with her for a bit , when they do this they leave behind a whole bunch more crap and then her house gets fuller and fuller .

Going through the clothes with her is difficult she is emotionally attached to some of them and its visibliy hard for her to part with them. a lot of the stuff we are able to get rid of , she is working well with us and trusting that if we say its gross that its gross and we can go ahead and get rid of it.

We slowly make some progress in the closet and actually have about four big black bags filled with trash , which is great because we have the use of a truck for the majority of the day and this will make getting rid of trash a whole lot easier.

The lady keeps having pains and keeps going into her room , which makes things more difficult because we have to keep cleaning . We make our way into the laundry room which is disgusting , I mean when I walk in I am walking on about six inches of dirty clothes and other crap. There is a bookcase filled with clothes and other crap , now the cat sleeps on the top of this bookcase and she has probably slept their for the last fourteen years because I have never seen so much hair in my life it’s the most vile thing I have ever seen. Jennifer is one more hairy rug away from chunking all over the room , which is not that much different from what we are actually cleaning up . Finally after about three hours we make it thorough the room and we have this thing looking good . I think we had five big black bags of trash and it took Jennifer six paper towels to clean off the dishwasher and dryer. This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever done in my life.

Now we move on to the hallway where among other things we find a bag or dehydrated strawberries from 1978 , bread mixes from the 80s and about seven sewing machines from the last four decades. We make a lot more shit go bye-bye and its strangely exhilarating to make this house lighter.

We finished for the day and we are all tired , dirty and ready to breath some nice clean air . We have had a great day even though its gross we have got this strange joy out of purging someone’s house and making a difference , I believe we will be going back sometime next month .

The Thousand Mile Hike

The thousand Mile Hike
Today we all woke up and it was pouring down rain, like prefect storm raining. I was blissfully hoping that we would just be skipping the hike portion of the day. WAS I wrong, we were still on apparently in Alaska it does not matter how crappy the weather is you do stuff anyway. So I being the perfectly prepared person that I am have nothing but cotton. One material is bad for hiking especially in the rain and guess what it is, that’s right cotton. Thank God Naomi was there, she loaned me long johns and wool socks, and then I took boots and a raincoat from the Center. I now am ready for the hike. We all pile into the van and head off for some desolate part of the Alaskan wilderness where we will begin the hike. I am frankly a bit worried because we are pretty far out and I am not thinking we will be able to get back but I keep my fears to myself.
We get to the trailhead and we all pile out, in the freaking pouring rain. After a forty minute bear lesson we being the hike it’s not too bad just like a nice path in the woods nothing strenuous. We walk for about fifteen miles before we ask how far we have come. The guide then informs us “oh about 1.5 miles 6 more to go”. WTF we have walked way more than 1.5 freaking miles it’s been forever. My fingers at this point have turned into popsicles and my jeans have begun to soak up every spare bit of rain that happens to washing onto them. It’s still raining like we should be headed for an ark with Noah. Finally we make it to the area where we can see the glacier WHOOOOO HOOOOO we have walked forever and we can finally see the glacier. It’s so beautiful and it’s just huge. Well in between the glacier and us in a giant river with little sand bars. Cat decides she wants to walk closer and I need to go so I can take pictures of her. Great now I get to cross the glacier flow river to take pictures. She gallops across the river and starts bounding towards the glacier like a moth to the flame. I on the other hand have yet to make it to the first sand bar. I have on rain boots with laces, basically they are for like a second grader and they just happen to fit me because I have the smallest feet ever. So when I step into the water it comes rushing into my boots through the holes where the laces are. AMAZING, now my left boot is filled with ice cold glacier water and I am now on a sand bar in the middle of the river. I take some amazing pictures of Cat and then try and wrap my mind around getting back across the river. I am now passed again by cat that comes bounding back across the river on the shore. I attempt to make it across where I went the first time. Guess what now the right boot is full of water as well. It’s such an amazing time have two boots filled with water.
Now we get to head back to the car that’s only 34 miles away, I have Popsicle fingers, soaking wet jeans and boots filled with water; it’s going to be a great trip back. We walk for 5 hours and we have only made it a quarter of the way. I now feel like an ice sculpture, my whole body has lost its feeling I think my skin is starting to turn black from all the frostbite. Cathleen is running ahead of me skipping because she is having so much fun with all this exercise, even Nicole who has like a metal knee is having a riot I think I am the only one who is a human Popsicle. Finally after about 7 more hours of freezing my butt off finally see the van and we joyfully run towards the van. Its two days later and my clothes are still wet I don’t know if my jeans will ever come dry without mechanical help. That hike was an experience to say the least, I don’t know if it’s something I would ever want to do again but I am glad I did it.