This past year Scott, Jennifer, Conor and I all attended a little event in Juneau titled BACONFEST. We had heard about it and we thought hmmmm festival of Bacon + Bacon = we need to go to that

because anytime there is bacon being severed I want to be there

So a whole bunch of restaurants in the community will be cooking and we then get to taste it and vote on our favorite…..
Once we got in there they had snack, appetizers, mini deserts, drinks even bacon ice cream …it was like stepping into heaven. So we commandeer a small table and take turns grabbing samples and returning to the table to consume this bacon flavored treat with gusto
If I could have had one of these I would have


It was all I could do to come for air I was like a prize winning eater just shoveling food into my mouth. At some point during the evening they announced that there would be a a bacon eating contest , they had a group of women form the community who were voulunteering for this contest. Each contestant had ten pounds of bacon and they would race to see who could eat the most in a certain amount of time. Now I expected the women to look like this
download (4)

But they were normal and when the contest began most of them ate like it my poison or something to fear. They were not doing a very good job of consuming as much pork as possible.
download (3)
There was one bitch ….. I think she must have half unhinged her jaw because she just started shoveling … it was scary I was pretty sure she would complete her ten pounds and then start on the audience.
Needless to say she won and afterwards she looked alike nothing happened it was scary. None the less I was complete full and ready to puke I ate more food that Thanksgiving it was scary I loved bacon FEST

images (1)

Overall it was a super fun event and I can’t wait to go back this year 



So many people left this year

All corps Day -Oscar 027

So many people left this year, Andrea.. Ankita … Cathleen … Eddie …. Truitt..Mara …. and now Sara. I’m getting really sad losing all my friends this year, it means I am going to have to go out and make some new ones. To say adios to one of my best friends leaving I am making a list of some of my favorite moments and memories. Here we go crystal 

• Crystal and Kathy , love having a blast chatting it up with some gin and tonnies
• My very first apartment , with the amazing view
• Scary movies and drinks
• “If that ghost comes into my house I will kick its ass”
• Honey badger don’t care
• Inflatable palm tree
• 12 foot high ceilings
• Driving around Sitka AmeriCorps
• Team building at EVC
• “You SHALL not pass”
• Ima goin do some magic
• SHHHHH – Movie theater fight
• Red jump suit ass smack
• Agador
• Dead in the channel
• Midnight sledding

I can’t begin to list all of the wonderful memories I have from spending time with Sara , she has been one of my closest friends for the past two years l I have had the privilege of volunteering with her , Living with her and working with her . I will miss the countless hours I have spent laughing, drinking and having an amazing time. I know that I will get to see her again because she is now going to be living up in Anchorage  Hopefully we get to have some fun times in the future.

Good luck crystal I will Miss you 

May the Odds be ever in your Favor

Since I live in Juneau and it’s been about six months this means it’s time for another one of my friends to be leaving. And since bad things happen in threes I am losing Mara, Sara and Eddie. I am sad by this turn of events but oh so very happy for their futures (I jokes).
First to go will be Mara and Eddie with their little monster Fenway. They are headed back to the east coast to a job with the New Hampshire state police. I’m sad to see these three go, I have just started to get to know Eddie and have enjoyed all of time with him as a friend 🙂 Fenway gets on my nerves but I have come to love this big brute and enjoy her gentle gumming of my arm. I of course will miss Mara the most. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a year and change and getting to know her as a friend throughout this time. She is a smart, funny, headstrong person who has become very enjoyable to get to know. I will miss our bickering and bitching and our joint distaste for anyone new or weird. You have truly made the last year of my life amazing and I don’t know what I will do without my daily dose of crazy Mara. You are such an amazing person who has made me better and I will miss having you there to talk to and help me with your wisdom and strength. I am soo happy for you and for the next big adventure in your life
I hope that life brings us together again and we can have some more great times, you guys are amazing and I will miss you sooo much.

Here is your virtual going away present, a giant bag of onions reminding you both to not let the little things get you and enjoy your amazing adventure.

Don’t forget to call me, LOVE YOU BOTH

Adios Amigos and “May the odds be ever in your favor”

…. Mara you can keep all your snarky grammar comments to yourself 

Run Little Indian

Goodbye my Little Indian
It seems to be the time of year where people leave Juneau, and this week another one of my dear friends will be leaving. Ankita is headed back home for a sabbatical and then off to India for a bath in the Ganges.
To commeriate my year with Ankita I have decided to make a list of my favorite moments and memories

My first encounter with her was at work where I thought she was a client, and then chastised her for not being able to correctly hang streamers and for not eating red meat.

Ditch driving
Halloween – Richard and the Catwoman
James Bond
Getting lost on the trail and assuming we would both end up dead.
Consuming jars of olives
Little white Children
Survivor nights
Justin Beiber
Ozzy and Arundhati
Bacon for Christmas
Christmas Morning
Seatac Airport
Talking to strangers
Photo Shoot
My mothers Visit
Shoe Shopping
Her fake allergies
Her mom came to visit and tried to feed me every two hours weather iw as hungry or not and even tried to buy me a pork sandwich, a little old Indian woman buying me a pork sandwich ahahahhahaha . She did feed me some of the best fish ever 
Jumping in the Ocean
Fur Shopping
One Direction
Being there for me whenever I need to vent
Little Indian

There have been so many more beautiful moments I have been blessed at having with Ankita throughout the year.
My favorite thing about Ankita is how we grew as people and friends together , we spent a long time working together and learning , growing and figuring things out about ourselves and how to do our jobs in the most productive ways . We had to deal with a lot of emotionally difficult things together and without her love and support throughout it all I don’t know if I could have navigated my way through that learning curve.
Thank you for all the joy and laughs, I love you dearly and will miss you tons.
Have Fun
Be Safe
LOVE YOU little 😉

Goodbye Coco

Well it’s going to be July in 2012 and I have been here in Alaska for almost two years, wow crazy how time has flown by. I have gotten jobs, promotions, finished AmeriCorps, bought a car, had vacations, made new friends and lost some. In a few days another one of my friends will be Leaving Alaska. Cathleen has been accepted into graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in some type of environmental studies thing  I am very happy for her and this will be a great experience for her.

Now any of you who know Coco (the name I made for her) know that she does not like presents, so as a going away gift I am writing this blog about my favorite times moments and memories from the past two years.
Random phrases that remind me of her or of something dumb things we did:
• I’m Going for it
• Ohhh look at the tree
• E&Bs house
• Cat piss Coat
• Glacier Hikes
• Gay reindeer
• Its Friday
• Mormon Slippers
• Raven? Crows?
• Wii Dance
• Ella
• Cabin Hike
• Thanksgiving Pie
• Frnk Balantic

One of my favorite things we ever did together is probably one of the first things, in our second or third weekend here we rode the tram up mount Roberts with our other friend Nicole and we took pictures and walked around. It was such a fun and enjoyable time getting to know new friends and goofing off on top of a mountain (we don’t have mountains where I am from). The best part was on the ride down, Nicole decided she wanted to have frozen yogurt and we all thought it closed at nine pm. It was eight fifty pm, WE RAN all the way across town to find that it was open till eleven pm ahahahahah.

Survivor Night
I will always miss having her be a part of our survivor nights, I appreciate how much my friends care about me because they come over every week and watch survivor with me even if they don’t like it. And she ate spicy popcorn 

Making the old dining room table, we had an box and we made it into out dining room table, Nicole, Jennifer, coco and I all colored/collaged our portions of a table where we had Sunday night dinners together ever week.

One memorable experience was one night at E&Bs where we had wine, pizza and baked cookies and shit all night. After the box of wine was consumed we put on ethnic music and proceeded to dance around the front room interpreting the music. HYSTERICAL
My favorite Story is not one that easy to tell but it involves Nicole burning the crap out of Pancakes, Sara and Jennifer eating and Cathleen FREAKING out because the fire alarm would not stop and basically blaming me for the whole ordeal (Nicole’s fault). HYSTERICAL moment, one I will never forget as long as I live 

My favorite thing about Coco is her running, throughout our time here she has become a celebrity in this community for her running prowess and it’s a great feeling to be able to tell others that not only do I know this white running demon, she is my friend.
I remember us all at Goals gym in the A.M. laughing at the other patrons and having a glorious time at a time of day where frankly everyone should be in bed.
Most of all I love that she has gotten me exciting and running, I don’t know if I would have had the same motivation to run without Cathleen’s disapproving glances and competiveness. In the past two years I have been able to run tons and get into much better shape. I can even finish a race mere nine or ten minutes behind her (which I think is a huge feat).

I thank you for being my friend while you were here for loving, hating, judging, laughing at and with, and spending countless hours with. I will miss you soooooo much, I’m proud of you and where you’re going don’t lose contact.

I love you Coco – Thank you for being a Friend

Mother Landing

This is my first blog post in a long time; it’s been very difficult to think of something to blog about. I now have a nice little story to talk about … Mother came to Alaska : )

Last week, Mother, Betsy, Stevie and Travis came to Juneau to visit. We rented a car from a friend and stayed at the extended stay in Juneau (worst hotel ever)
I never let them have a break we were busy the entire time and the sad fact was that I was the one that was exhausted after the trip I think they were all fine. Betsy had an air cast on her leg so she was not as mobile as she would have been normally. We hiked to the glacier where Travis went skating on his leg; he ripped it up pretty badly.

Hiked to nugget falls where we all soaked our feet in the freezing water

Ate out at all the restraints in Juneau

Got Betsy Fro Yo

Ran in the race only Fools run at midnight

Went on the Tracey Arm glacier tour to the West Sawyer Glacier

We had an amazing time and I am so sad to see them all go home  maybe they will come back next year and see me again

Ghost Hunting Part 1

Ghost hunting

( This is a Photo of a Spirit and she is standing in a desk , that person you see is not in the room it is a Ghost)
Another AmeriCorps members parents were visiting this week and her father is a professional Ghost Hunter ( As he travels around the country he tries to stay in Haunted places or visit them.
Well here in Juneau we have a very haunted place The Alaskan Hotel,

It’s the oldest hotel in Alaska and apparently very haunted. There are two stories about death in the Alaskan that I know of, one is Alice. A young mining couple moved up here and stayed at the hotel; he went off to mine and was to return in three weeks. After five weeks he did not return and she had run out of money so she became a prostitute. When he finally did show up a few weeks later he was so angered that he murdered her right there in the room.

The Second story involves a man named Dennis who was the owner/manager ( not sure) of the Alaskan Bar and Hotel , he lived in room 311 and one day he had a heart attack and died on the floor of his bathroom.

Now I have never been one to instantly believe in spirits or ghosts, I was always very skeptical about anything of this nature. None the less I was very excited to get to go ghost hunting with a professional and was very excited at the idea of seeing something paranormal.

First he explained to us about dowsing rods which are traditionally used as a tool for finding water i.e. wells and such. These rods can also be used as a way to speak with the spirit world; if a person is connected with the spirit world then they will be able to contact the sprits by way of the dowsing rods. Certain people are not able to use them because they are not connected with their feelings. Nicole picked up the rods and they stayed poker straight, Adam same thing, I picked them up BAM they start moving and answering every single questions I asked them. Now I know this sounds stupid but I SWEAR I was not moving them they were moving on their own in my hands I had no control. This was the creepiest thing I have every experienced in my life.

– When they form an x then that’s means yes and when they go away from each other that means no.

We spent a long time asking the rods, or Dennis the sprit we believe was in the room with us questions and every single one was answered with the correct answer. Even when we asked it questions only we knew.
We spent a long time asking the rods, or Dennis the sprit who we believe was in the room with us questions and every single one was answered with the correct answer. Even when we asked it questions only we knew. It was honestly one of the craziest things I have ever experienced.

Because Dennis and I had bonded so quickly I decided to go sit in the bathroom, the room he had died in and use the dowsing rods. When I sat down on the toilet to use the rods, peter decided it would be a good time to turn out the lights and try to get Dennis to turn on the light for us. The whole time I have been in the bathroom Lisa had been filming me. Now I asked Dennis is he knew what a flashlight was, bam the rods turn to the flashlight . I then ask him Dennis can you turn on the flash light. Nothing … Dennis can you try really hard? The camera goes fuzzy and she can’t even see me in the bathroom anymore, my skin gets really hot like I had just walked into a sauna and BAM the light turns on.

I will Finish the story in my next Blog