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Since my last post on here I have done a lot of new things including start my own Etsy store. . I am very proud of the work I have been doing and happy that I have been able to make some sales. I enjoy my paintings and I think I have for sure been able to hone my skills a bit and start creating things of a better quality. I have created a FB page for people who like to sell or buy online (ETSY Sellers!) check it out if you like and in the meantime here are some pieces I have recently completed and are for sale in my store.






I am only going to judge the movies that I have seen this year that have been released this year.



Batman vs Superman



Overall this movie was just too much, it was too much brooding and drama. These movies are supposed to be engaging superheroes movies not a Terrance Mallick film. I feel like Zach Snyder is far too heavy handed to make a truly enjoyable movie that doesn’t feel so heavy.


Lawrence Fishburne, Amy Adams , Diane Lane, Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons were all very good as they always are but they were extremely underutilized. Holly and Jeremy are Oscar winners and the other three have all been nominated … use them more … they are that good.



Ok bitching aside things I enjoyed about the movie were the visuals.. this movie could be watched without words and still be as good as it is. I loved the sets, costumes lighting, score.. etc. I also loved Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was a great villain and he was able to make the movie feel enjoyable and fun. Ben Affleck as batman was surprising good, I didn’t know what to expect after seeing Christian Bale in that role for so long, but Affleck did a very good job and I look forward to his standalone movies.


But the single best thing about Batman v Superman was WONDER WOMAN!!!! Gal Gadot was amazing, her on screen time was the most exciting and energetic parts of the whole film. I wish that same energy given to her was given to the rest of the film , she was able to be sexy , fun and kick major ass without being mopey and sullen like the other two were for the majority of the film.


Number 9




This movie barley edged out Batman and Superman by being unique and really funny. Ryan Reynolds is freaking hysterical in this movie. Lelsie Uggams, Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller all are very good additions to the cast.



This movie was action packed, gross and really enjoyable. While it won’t be one of my favorite superhero movies of all time I think it’s a really unique take on the regular superhero movies.


The best part of the movie was whole bit with the tiny hand. #dying #tinyhands



Number 8

Zoolander 2



This movie was ridiculous, I can’t believe how dumb it was , but damn did I laugh through the whole thing. It was hysterical to me, the amount of stupidity between Hans and Derek and how they play off each other just kills me. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are prefect together and really do make me laugh with their stupid characters


Will Ferrell, Kirsten Wiig , Penelope Cruz, Kiefer Sutherland, Benedict Cumberbatch, all are hysterical. Super fun to see all the crazy cameos in the movie Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, tommy Hilfiger , Sting, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber , Naomi Campbell, Susan Sarandon, Ariana Grande , Christine Taylor, Billy Zane , Milla Jovovich and FREAKING Valentino !!!


The movie was completely insane and I truly enjoyed myself.

Number 7

My Big Fat Greek wedding 2



I really wish this movie had been made years ago, I forgot how much I loved being in this family. While this movie is nothing original or even that new it was warm and fun. I enjoyed the funny antics of the characters and enjoyed seeing their growth since the first film.


All the main cast is back in their original roles. Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula is still my favorite. Toula played by Nia Vardalos and Ian played by John Corbett seemed a little too mopey and I could have done without their relationships struggles because it didn’t bring anything to the movie. I really loved seeing grandma get some funny bits.


Number 6

Neighbors 2



The Sequel to Neighbors doesn’t change that much from the first movie, but it’s still freaking hysterical. Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne both continue to grow as adult and parents as they battle a new sorority that moves in next door. Zac Efron is there to be shirtless and funny. This movie had its fair share of gross out gaga and really funny moment while also having a great story about parenting and learning how to be a better one. I don’t think they can keep making more but I did enjoy this one.


Best Scene is the whole chase scene at the tailgate party … so funny



Bonus good scene is seeing Pete played by Dave Franco get engaged.


Number 5

Captain America: Civil War


Overall I enjoyed this movie and was pleased by this addition to eh mcu . positives all the actors did well, great to see Scarlett witch, Black widow, Cap, Iron man, Falcon, Vision all get some good moments and the actors are all really great. The stunts, the visuals, the costumes, score and everything is technically on point. The new additions to the cast were the best for sure, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and Black Panther were all amazing and really ended up being the best part of the whole film for sure. And the entire fight scene in the airport was spectacular.

The problem I have with the whole thing is that I think I’m experience a lot of fatigue from these people, I enjoy the movies but I wish they would spend more time making them and work on making them better, to be fair this was one of the better ones but, I’m struggling to stay excited for new one.


Number 4

X-men Apocalypse


Now even though I might be tiring of the MCU I am not beginning to tire of the X-Men universe, I don’t know why I always enjoy them so much but I do.  I know these movies are technically considered not the best adaptions of the original comics, but I freaking love.


I have always loved the X-Men way more than any other superheroes. I loved seeing all the young kids in the movie playing some of my favorite characters. Jean Grey, Cyclops, Night crawler, Strom , Angel, apocalypse and Psycloke   were all awesome to meet and see some more of their origins.

Mystique, Charles, Erick, Quicksilver, Beast, Havoc, Moria were all very good and enjoyable in their roles. Sad to think about more x-men movies without Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult.

The look, style, fight scenes and the whole style of the film was great, I enjoyed it overall and had a great time watching. Not the best movie ever made but really enjoyable for me.


Number 3

The Boss




I don’t care what kind of movie she is in or what it’s about I fucking love it. She is the funniest person in the movies today and I don’t think you can tell me otherwise. This movie was original and hysterical. Melissa plays a con woman who get out of jail and uses her business prowess to assist a group of brownies to dominate the brownie selling business.


So many jokes and so many funny gags, I laughed throughout the whole thing. Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage were both great. Peters samurai was so freaking hysterical.


Great movie and I can’t wait to see her next movie


Number 2

The Jungle Book


What a beautiful movie, this movie was mazing and beautiful and engaging and funny. This film was breathtaking. The cast Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong’o, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken were all perfectly cast in this movie.

The whole story was beautifully made a was simply engrossing. I loved seeing the story retold and not taking away from the original animated film. The Animation of the animals was amazing and they were so beautiful created one could believe they were real.

The New little boy they cast as Mowgli, Neel Sethi was a great little actor and did a fantastic job with all the cgi work.


The Best part of the movie was King Louie, while he is my favorite of the first movie it was great to see him in all his glory in the new movie. He was so big and so cool, the entire sequence was amazing and I truly loved the whole movie.


Number 1



This movie was adorable, loved the whole thing. A completely original movie and such a cute story Judy Hopps is the cutest thing ever in her tiny police uniform. Nick and Judy work together to solve a mystery about who in Zootopia is turning the predators into the bad guys.

Every part of his movie was cute and so well made, the entire story with the shrew and his daughter was completely great.

I love a good animated movie and this movie really was great. Jason Bateman and Gennifer Goodwin were great Together and were able to make there character’s loveable and real.


Jenny Slate, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Shakira, Tommy Chong and Octavia Spenser all added to their own characters and make the whole movie a funny, sweet little movie that was truly great to watch.




This post was written before i had watched The Conjuring 2, Now you see me 2 and Finding Dory


Best OF 2014

The Best of 2014 …..

Best Movies – Only counting the ones I have seen
1. Gone Girl
2. Fury
3. Snowpiercer
4. Noah
5. Interstellar
6. Rise of the planet of the ape
7. X-men Days of future past
8. Godzilla
9. Nymphomaniac-Vol 1 and Vol2
10. The Grand Budapest hotel
Honorable mention- 22 Jump Street, Maleficent, Guardians of the galaxy, Monuments men,
Best Actor: Ben Affleck- Gone Girl
Best Actress: Rosamund Pike-Gone Girl
Best Supporting Actor: Logan Lerman- Fury
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Watson – Noah

Worst movies
1. Interior Leather bar
2. Robocop
3. 3 Days to kill
4. The Rover
5. Pompeii

Best TV
1. Game of Thrones

Once again this is the best made show on TV and this year it jumped up three spots to take the number one spot on my list. This season was simply amazing; I was dying after every single episode the story telling along with superb acting, effects, production…ETC… Everything on this show is perfection
Best Episode: The Lion and the Rose
2. Survivor
After all these years I still love this show sooooo much … these seasons were not the best but its still one of my favorite shows.
Best Episode: Straw that broke the camel’s back.
3. How to Get away with Murder
This is the best new show of the fall HANDS DOWN…. Brilliant show. It’s better than Scandal and its way more exciting that the Walking dead. Viola Davis is amazing, if you have not seen this show please start watching.
Best episode: Kill me, Kill me, Kill me
4. Bobs Burgers
Funniest show on tv right now, amazing characters brilliant writing.
Best episode: Dawn of the Peck
5. Modern Family
Even though it has been on five years it’s still one of the best comedies on TV.
Best episode: The Long Honeymoon
6. Parks and Recreation
Sadly this will be the last year of Parks and Rec and it will be really sad to see this awesome show go.
Best Episode: Galentines Day
7. House of Cards
Amazing SHOW…
Best Episode: Chapter 26
8. The Leftovers
This show started slow and took a while to get into but the payoff way huge probably my single favorite ten minutes of tv all year are when they show the disappearances.
Best Episode: The Garveys at their best
9. Gotham
Such a great idea and a great way to make a show about such an iconic story in a new and exciting way.
Best Episode: The Balloonman
10. Veep
Best Episode: Crate
11. Girls
Best Episode: Beach House
12. Grimm
Best episode: Octopus Head
13. Project Runway
Best Episode: The Rainway
14. American Horror Story :FreakShow
Best Episode Edward Mordrake part 2
15. The Strain
Best Episode: Night Zero
16. The Amazing race
Best Episode: The Gladiators are here!
17. Master Chef
Best Episode: The Finale
18. Orphan Black
Best Episode: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
19. Scandal
Best Episode: Like Father, Like Daughter
20. Orange is the new Black
Best Episode: We have Manner We’re polite.
Honorable Mention
New Girl, Downton Abby, Walking Dead , Stalker , Tyrant, True Detective, Stalker , Hannibal ( have not finished it yet so I couldn’t put it on the lis)

Ten Best moments in TV (SPOILERS)- No particular order
1. Disappearances in the Leftovers
2. King Jofferys demise in Game of thrones
3. Turkey Run in Bobs Burgers
4. Who killed Sam in How to get away with Murder
5. Shoshanas drunken outburst in Girls
6. Zoe Barnes Demise on House of Cards
7. The Seven Wonders on American Horror Story
8. Selina becoming President in VEEP
9. Rick eating a man on The Walking dead
10. Miss Rosa’s last big break in Orange is the new black

Ten Best Characters – In no particular order
1. Sleina Meyers in Veep
2. Tina Belchor in Bob Burgers
3. Lily Tucker Pritchet in Modern Family
4. Bethany in the Amazing Race
5. Claire in House of Cards
6. Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec
7. Linda Belchor in Bobs Burgers
8. Analise Keating in How to get away with murder
9. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

10. Fish Mooney in Gotham

Special honor goes to – Elsa, Ethel and Desiree in American Horror Story (Basically anything with Jessica Lange , Kathy Bates and Angela Basset.)

Best Books ( I have read this year) In no particular order
1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2. Game of thrones by George R.R. Martin
3. The walking Dead comics
4. Dr Sleep by Stephen King
5. Carrie by Stephen King
6. The 6th Extinction by James Rollins
7. Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Drank
8. The Fault in our Stars by John Green
9. Zoo by James Patterson
10. Suffer the Children

Top Ten movies of 2013

Its been a great year for movies and I have seen alot of great ones, Here are my current Top Ten. (Subject to change as I see more movies)


10: The Heat -have not laughed this much in years a prefect movie in every way. absolutely love Melissa McCarthy.

Best Scene – Parking the car.


9: The Great Gatsby- what a beautiful adaptation of one of my favorite books.with the best soundtrack of the year

Best Scene- Daisy and Jay have tea


8: Cutie and The Boxer – beautiful Documentary about a couple whose whole live shave been devoted to each other and their art.

Best Scene was watching him make his boxing paintings


7:The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- this was just simply awesome and it was one of the most enjoyable films this year

Best Scene – elevator with Joanna


6: The Conjuring- this was a huge surprise for me a well made horror movie that was actually scary without being soaked in blood.

Best Scene – Hide and seek game


5: American Hustle- Great cast .. super enjoyable film about a con couple and the crazy people in their lives.

Best Scene- Magic oven fire


4: World War Z- amazing action film that was smart and unique mixing boht zombie movies and intelligent thrillers.

Best Scene – Airplane


3: 12 years a Slave – Beautiful. Sad. Powerful. emotionaly.

Best Scene – Patseys breakdown


2: Captain Phillips- Tom Hanks and newcomer Barkhad Abidi are amazing in this tale a of pirates taking over a ship.

Best Scene – the end


1: Gravity – Nothing can top this movie for me this year. i was simply gorgeous and beautiful. I simply fell in love with everything.

Best Scene – her conversation with the Russian

Other great Films
Identity Their
August Osage county
The Bling Ring
Insidious chapter 2
Man of Steel
Blue Jasmine
The Wolf of wall Street
The Square

Still need to see
All is lost
Blue is the warmest color
Dallas buyers club
The Grandmaster
Iron Man 3
Svaing Mr Banks
Lone Solider

Top ten 2013

Top ten shows of 2013

It’s been a great year for television and I have enjoyed many hours of TV. Here is my list of my favorites form the year. Let me know what you think
1. Survivor
Don't Say Anything About My Mom

For the past 13 years this has been my favorite show and once again it proves to be another amazing year. First we had another Fans Vs Favorites season which was super fun an enjoyable then they introduced the wonderful twist of Blood vs. water where returning players play side by side with their loved ones, Two great seasons from this amazing show.
Stand out episode: “Out On a Limb”
2. Bob Burgers


I have only discovered this show recently and I simply feel in love. The Belchers are an amazing, quirky, funny little family who own a burger joint. In my opinion this is hands down the funniest show of the year.
Stand out episode: “A River Runs Through Bob”
3. Game of Thrones

Three letters is all you need to describe one of the biggest and most shocking moments in television history…… WTF… this show keep getting better and better this season upped the ante with bears, Dragons , Creepy invisible men and lots and lots of killing.
Stand out episode: The Rains of Castamere”
4. Scandal
This show is a killer, I was hesitant to start watching it but now I have completed two and half seasons in a week and a half. I am in love and I can’t stop Shondra Rhimes is a genius.
Stand out Episode: “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington”

5. Parks and Recreation

I only got into watching this show this year and have fallen in love with this quirky comedy and the cast of socially awkward parks and rec employees.
Stand out Episode: London
6. Veep
THIS SHOW IS BRILLIANT. Prefect cast, writing… EVERYTHING . I cnat get over how much I love this show.
Stand out Episode: “Running”
7. Girls
Girls had a particularly dark season. But that being said it was great. Lena Dunham is an amazing talent and I am glad to watch anything she is attached to.
Stand out Episode: “On All Fours”
8. The Walking Dead
This show is great, between killing our favorite characters, infecting the entire world and sword stabbing a whole hell of a lot of people. This show Is so great,
Stand out episode: “Too Far Gone”
9. American Horror Story :Coven
giphy (1)
American Horror story is one of the most enjoyable hours on TV each week, it continually changes and doesn’t hold back on anything. Season three proves to be the best with a story of a witch’s coven and Voodoo clan that lives in town.
Stand out Episode: Burn, Witch, Burn!
10. Hannibal
images (1)

Best new Drama of the year, his show brings us Hannibal lector in a completely new way. The entire show is very eerie and creepy while weaving multiple story lines though Hannibal’s creepy life.
Stand out Episode: “Œuf”

Top ten favorite characters of 2013 (in no particular order)

1. Vice president Selina Meyers- Veep
2. Tina Belcher – Bobs Burgers
3. Abby Whelan –Scandal
download (1)
4. Winston and his Cat -New Girl
download (2)
5. Cersei Lannister- Game of Thrones
6. Shoshanna –Girls
7. Lilly Tucker Pritchett- Modern Family
8. Beverly Goldberg-the Goldbergs
9. Fiona Gallagher -Shamless
10. Monroe –Grimm

Top 20 Songs of 2013

20. Brave- Josh Groban
19. Cups- Anna Kendrick
18. Get Lucky- Get Lucky
17. Roar – Katy Perry
16. Just give me a Reason- pink featuring Nate Ruess
15. Thrift Shop Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz
14. Burn – Ellie Golding
13. Bonfire Heart- James Blunt
12. Wings – Little Mix
11. Let her go – Passenger
10. Same love- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Mary Lambert
9. Beserk- Enenim
8. Counting Stars- One Republic
7. Stay- Rihanna Featuring Mikki Ekko
6. Pound the alarm
5. Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

4. Royals – Lorde

3. Wake me up – Avicii

2. I need your love – Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Golding

1. Can’t Hold us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton