Top ten 2013

Top ten shows of 2013

It’s been a great year for television and I have enjoyed many hours of TV. Here is my list of my favorites form the year. Let me know what you think
1. Survivor
Don't Say Anything About My Mom

For the past 13 years this has been my favorite show and once again it proves to be another amazing year. First we had another Fans Vs Favorites season which was super fun an enjoyable then they introduced the wonderful twist of Blood vs. water where returning players play side by side with their loved ones, Two great seasons from this amazing show.
Stand out episode: “Out On a Limb”
2. Bob Burgers


I have only discovered this show recently and I simply feel in love. The Belchers are an amazing, quirky, funny little family who own a burger joint. In my opinion this is hands down the funniest show of the year.
Stand out episode: “A River Runs Through Bob”
3. Game of Thrones

Three letters is all you need to describe one of the biggest and most shocking moments in television history…… WTF… this show keep getting better and better this season upped the ante with bears, Dragons , Creepy invisible men and lots and lots of killing.
Stand out episode: The Rains of Castamere”
4. Scandal
This show is a killer, I was hesitant to start watching it but now I have completed two and half seasons in a week and a half. I am in love and I can’t stop Shondra Rhimes is a genius.
Stand out Episode: “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington”

5. Parks and Recreation

I only got into watching this show this year and have fallen in love with this quirky comedy and the cast of socially awkward parks and rec employees.
Stand out Episode: London
6. Veep
THIS SHOW IS BRILLIANT. Prefect cast, writing… EVERYTHING . I cnat get over how much I love this show.
Stand out Episode: “Running”
7. Girls
Girls had a particularly dark season. But that being said it was great. Lena Dunham is an amazing talent and I am glad to watch anything she is attached to.
Stand out Episode: “On All Fours”
8. The Walking Dead
This show is great, between killing our favorite characters, infecting the entire world and sword stabbing a whole hell of a lot of people. This show Is so great,
Stand out episode: “Too Far Gone”
9. American Horror Story :Coven
giphy (1)
American Horror story is one of the most enjoyable hours on TV each week, it continually changes and doesn’t hold back on anything. Season three proves to be the best with a story of a witch’s coven and Voodoo clan that lives in town.
Stand out Episode: Burn, Witch, Burn!
10. Hannibal
images (1)

Best new Drama of the year, his show brings us Hannibal lector in a completely new way. The entire show is very eerie and creepy while weaving multiple story lines though Hannibal’s creepy life.
Stand out Episode: “Œuf”

Top ten favorite characters of 2013 (in no particular order)

1. Vice president Selina Meyers- Veep
2. Tina Belcher – Bobs Burgers
3. Abby Whelan –Scandal
download (1)
4. Winston and his Cat -New Girl
download (2)
5. Cersei Lannister- Game of Thrones
6. Shoshanna –Girls
7. Lilly Tucker Pritchett- Modern Family
8. Beverly Goldberg-the Goldbergs
9. Fiona Gallagher -Shamless
10. Monroe –Grimm

Top 20 Songs of 2013

20. Brave- Josh Groban
19. Cups- Anna Kendrick
18. Get Lucky- Get Lucky
17. Roar – Katy Perry
16. Just give me a Reason- pink featuring Nate Ruess
15. Thrift Shop Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz
14. Burn – Ellie Golding
13. Bonfire Heart- James Blunt
12. Wings – Little Mix
11. Let her go – Passenger
10. Same love- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Mary Lambert
9. Beserk- Enenim
8. Counting Stars- One Republic
7. Stay- Rihanna Featuring Mikki Ekko
6. Pound the alarm
5. Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

4. Royals – Lorde

3. Wake me up – Avicii

2. I need your love – Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Golding

1. Can’t Hold us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton



This past year Scott, Jennifer, Conor and I all attended a little event in Juneau titled BACONFEST. We had heard about it and we thought hmmmm festival of Bacon + Bacon = we need to go to that

because anytime there is bacon being severed I want to be there

So a whole bunch of restaurants in the community will be cooking and we then get to taste it and vote on our favorite…..
Once we got in there they had snack, appetizers, mini deserts, drinks even bacon ice cream …it was like stepping into heaven. So we commandeer a small table and take turns grabbing samples and returning to the table to consume this bacon flavored treat with gusto
If I could have had one of these I would have


It was all I could do to come for air I was like a prize winning eater just shoveling food into my mouth. At some point during the evening they announced that there would be a a bacon eating contest , they had a group of women form the community who were voulunteering for this contest. Each contestant had ten pounds of bacon and they would race to see who could eat the most in a certain amount of time. Now I expected the women to look like this
download (4)

But they were normal and when the contest began most of them ate like it my poison or something to fear. They were not doing a very good job of consuming as much pork as possible.
download (3)
There was one bitch ….. I think she must have half unhinged her jaw because she just started shoveling … it was scary I was pretty sure she would complete her ten pounds and then start on the audience.
Needless to say she won and afterwards she looked alike nothing happened it was scary. None the less I was complete full and ready to puke I ate more food that Thanksgiving it was scary I loved bacon FEST

images (1)

Overall it was a super fun event and I can’t wait to go back this year 