Online Dating …

Online dating ….
Once I decided to come out I wanted to meet people and one of the only ways to meet men in Juneau is to simply look online. Well I was nervous talking to people because there are a lot of fears about talking to people you have never met. I mean I have seen catfish and that shit was scary.
List of things to fear from online dating
1. Murderer
2. Rapist
3. Kidnapper
4. Drug dealer
5. Runs a ring of dog fights
6. Worships the special god My-pok
7. Ugly
8. Not real
9. Ugly
10. Ugly

I really didn’t want to run into any of this


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Don’t get me wrong I was well aware I was not going to be running into this
Because lets be honest no one is as hot a David Beckham.

I had been speaking to a guy and he had sent me a picture and he looked normal. He was talking like a normal person, I didn’t sense any pedophile tendencies I didn’t hear any creepy murderous undertones. I felt like this guy might be a good guy. So I decided to meet up with him for a drink.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE ANXIOUS… I was sweating and having slight heart palpations. I was just getting over a cold and was till hacking a bit every now and then.

I almost ran.. I almost bolted right from the bar.

But I didn’t and slightly sweaty holding in nervous gas and wearing a shartigan I met Scott for the 1st time …. Could not have been happier, I met a wonderful, nice, kind and not creepy man who also happened to be very good looking. We have almost been together a year and I have never been happier … Love you baby.

2013 was a gay ole year


So this was a big year for me, In January I decided to accept myself for who am and stop wallowing in hatred I had been unable to accept my sexuality …EVER but for a multitude of reasons I decided it was time.


To say IM GAY


Now I know this does not come to shocker for a lost of people and most the people in my life were not all to surprised with this revelation. I was never willing to accept it an always tried to suppress these feelings. I knew that was never a super masculine guy type.

Sword And Sandals

But I also never felt I was super gay.


I Struggled with this in my head , how could I not be attracted to women because that’s was I had grown up thinking was the right thing. It was hard for me to change the way that I thought it took a long time to realize that I was not wrong for not being attracted to women it took me some time to see that I didn’t have to be this to be a gay man.


So I can be gay and be myself which is simply


Thank you to everyone in my life who has given me support and love throughout this process and has been there to love me no matter what I decide. I could not have went though this without my amazing family and loving friends and the most amazing Boyfriend anyone could ask for. Thank you for your love and support

Best in Film 2013


What a year so far. Some amazing pieces of film have been released so far I have been lucky and seen some pretty good movies so. I have lots left to see before Oscar time but I am making a good dent on the films thus far.

Far and away the best picture of the year so far has been Gravity … It’s simply a brilliant piece of film making. Everything from the acting to the score… Everything is perfection. Other notable films have been 12 years a Slave , Captain Phillips , the Butler, The Great Gatsby , Evil Dead, The Bling Ring, World war z, the Heat , The Conjuring , Identity Thief, Now you see me, Oblivion , Elysium, Prisoners and Don Jon.


So I will start my compilation for my Awards 

Best Picture
1. Gravity
2. Captain Phillips
3. 12 years a Slave
4. The Butler
5. The Great Gatsby
6. World war Z


Best Actor
1. Chiwetel Ejiofor- 12 Years a Slave
2. Tom hanks – Captain Phillips
3. Forrest Whitaker – the Butler
4. Hugh Jackman – Prisoners

Press Conference For The Weinstein Company's LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER

Best Actress
1. Sandra Bullock- Gravity

Best Supporting Actor
1. Barkhad Abdi- Captian Phillips
2. Michael Fasbender – 12 years a Slave
3. Paul Dano – 12 years a Slave
4. Jake Gyllenhaal- Prisoners


Best Supporting Actress
1. Lupita Nyong’o- 12 years a Slave
2. Sarah Paulson – 12 Years a Slave
3. Oprah Winfrey- The Butler
4. Emma Watson – The Bling Ring

Costumes , Sets and Song
THE GREAT GATSBY is hands down the best so far
And Basically Gravity should win everything else is it can …
Movies I still need to see
1. Blue Jasmine
2. American hustle
3. The Wolf of Wall Street
4. Frances Ha
5. Secret Life of Walter Mitty
6. Nebraska
7. Fruitavlae Station
8. The Grandmaster
9. Her
10. Enough Said
11. Dallas Buyers Club
12. Inside Llewyn Davis
13. All is Lost
14. The Past
15. Saving Mr banks
16. August Osage county
17. Philomena
18. Mud
19. Short Term 12
20. Rush

What are some of your favorite films throughout this year? What’s are your thoughts on my lists ?

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Almost been a year … WOW

Its almost been a year since my last blog post and wow has it been a big year. Probably the biggest year of my life, I am no where near where i was emotionally, intellectually, romantically or physically. I am happier , less prone to sad and depressed moments i even feel less anxious as a whole. Its been quite the year and maybe i should share some of my stories.