So many people left this year

All corps Day -Oscar 027

So many people left this year, Andrea.. Ankita … Cathleen … Eddie …. Truitt..Mara …. and now Sara. I’m getting really sad losing all my friends this year, it means I am going to have to go out and make some new ones. To say adios to one of my best friends leaving I am making a list of some of my favorite moments and memories. Here we go crystal 

• Crystal and Kathy , love having a blast chatting it up with some gin and tonnies
• My very first apartment , with the amazing view
• Scary movies and drinks
• “If that ghost comes into my house I will kick its ass”
• Honey badger don’t care
• Inflatable palm tree
• 12 foot high ceilings
• Driving around Sitka AmeriCorps
• Team building at EVC
• “You SHALL not pass”
• Ima goin do some magic
• SHHHHH – Movie theater fight
• Red jump suit ass smack
• Agador
• Dead in the channel
• Midnight sledding

I can’t begin to list all of the wonderful memories I have from spending time with Sara , she has been one of my closest friends for the past two years l I have had the privilege of volunteering with her , Living with her and working with her . I will miss the countless hours I have spent laughing, drinking and having an amazing time. I know that I will get to see her again because she is now going to be living up in Anchorage  Hopefully we get to have some fun times in the future.

Good luck crystal I will Miss you 