James Bond:The Man with The Golden Gun

#2 on the James bond list is The Man with The Golden Gun Staring Roger Moore as James Bond, Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga, Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight, Maud Adams as Andrea Anders and Hervé Villechaize as Nick Nack.

The ninth outing for Mr James Bond , has him battling Mr. Scaramanga, a creepy assassin who kills people with a golden bullet.side note Mr. Scaramanga also has a third nipple 😉

This movie is more camp and fun than any of the prior films , Roger Moore always has a bit more fun as bond than Sean ever did. I end up liking them just as much but for different reasons. The Man with the Golden Gun is fun and am enjoyably film four Stars

Best Moements
– Mr.Scaramangas Hideout
– Nick Nack
– Mary Goodnight and Andrea Anders are HOTT HOTT

-The Third Nipple
– Bonds attack on Andrea Anders
– J.W. Pepper

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