Run Little Indian

Goodbye my Little Indian
It seems to be the time of year where people leave Juneau, and this week another one of my dear friends will be leaving. Ankita is headed back home for a sabbatical and then off to India for a bath in the Ganges.
To commeriate my year with Ankita I have decided to make a list of my favorite moments and memories

My first encounter with her was at work where I thought she was a client, and then chastised her for not being able to correctly hang streamers and for not eating red meat.

Ditch driving
Halloween – Richard and the Catwoman
James Bond
Getting lost on the trail and assuming we would both end up dead.
Consuming jars of olives
Little white Children
Survivor nights
Justin Beiber
Ozzy and Arundhati
Bacon for Christmas
Christmas Morning
Seatac Airport
Talking to strangers
Photo Shoot
My mothers Visit
Shoe Shopping
Her fake allergies
Her mom came to visit and tried to feed me every two hours weather iw as hungry or not and even tried to buy me a pork sandwich, a little old Indian woman buying me a pork sandwich ahahahhahaha . She did feed me some of the best fish ever 
Jumping in the Ocean
Fur Shopping
One Direction
Being there for me whenever I need to vent
Little Indian

There have been so many more beautiful moments I have been blessed at having with Ankita throughout the year.
My favorite thing about Ankita is how we grew as people and friends together , we spent a long time working together and learning , growing and figuring things out about ourselves and how to do our jobs in the most productive ways . We had to deal with a lot of emotionally difficult things together and without her love and support throughout it all I don’t know if I could have navigated my way through that learning curve.
Thank you for all the joy and laughs, I love you dearly and will miss you tons.
Have Fun
Be Safe
LOVE YOU little πŸ˜‰