Goodbye Coco

Well it’s going to be July in 2012 and I have been here in Alaska for almost two years, wow crazy how time has flown by. I have gotten jobs, promotions, finished AmeriCorps, bought a car, had vacations, made new friends and lost some. In a few days another one of my friends will be Leaving Alaska. Cathleen has been accepted into graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in some type of environmental studies thing  I am very happy for her and this will be a great experience for her.

Now any of you who know Coco (the name I made for her) know that she does not like presents, so as a going away gift I am writing this blog about my favorite times moments and memories from the past two years.
Random phrases that remind me of her or of something dumb things we did:
• I’m Going for it
• Ohhh look at the tree
• E&Bs house
• Cat piss Coat
• Glacier Hikes
• Gay reindeer
• Its Friday
• Mormon Slippers
• Raven? Crows?
• Wii Dance
• Ella
• Cabin Hike
• Thanksgiving Pie
• Frnk Balantic

One of my favorite things we ever did together is probably one of the first things, in our second or third weekend here we rode the tram up mount Roberts with our other friend Nicole and we took pictures and walked around. It was such a fun and enjoyable time getting to know new friends and goofing off on top of a mountain (we don’t have mountains where I am from). The best part was on the ride down, Nicole decided she wanted to have frozen yogurt and we all thought it closed at nine pm. It was eight fifty pm, WE RAN all the way across town to find that it was open till eleven pm ahahahahah.

Survivor Night
I will always miss having her be a part of our survivor nights, I appreciate how much my friends care about me because they come over every week and watch survivor with me even if they don’t like it. And she ate spicy popcorn 

Making the old dining room table, we had an box and we made it into out dining room table, Nicole, Jennifer, coco and I all colored/collaged our portions of a table where we had Sunday night dinners together ever week.

One memorable experience was one night at E&Bs where we had wine, pizza and baked cookies and shit all night. After the box of wine was consumed we put on ethnic music and proceeded to dance around the front room interpreting the music. HYSTERICAL
My favorite Story is not one that easy to tell but it involves Nicole burning the crap out of Pancakes, Sara and Jennifer eating and Cathleen FREAKING out because the fire alarm would not stop and basically blaming me for the whole ordeal (Nicole’s fault). HYSTERICAL moment, one I will never forget as long as I live 

My favorite thing about Coco is her running, throughout our time here she has become a celebrity in this community for her running prowess and it’s a great feeling to be able to tell others that not only do I know this white running demon, she is my friend.
I remember us all at Goals gym in the A.M. laughing at the other patrons and having a glorious time at a time of day where frankly everyone should be in bed.
Most of all I love that she has gotten me exciting and running, I don’t know if I would have had the same motivation to run without Cathleen’s disapproving glances and competiveness. In the past two years I have been able to run tons and get into much better shape. I can even finish a race mere nine or ten minutes behind her (which I think is a huge feat).

I thank you for being my friend while you were here for loving, hating, judging, laughing at and with, and spending countless hours with. I will miss you soooooo much, I’m proud of you and where you’re going don’t lose contact.

I love you Coco – Thank you for being a Friend