Survivor – All Women cast

Survivor : ALL FEMALES

Dream Cast- with Five Extra

Jenna – Amazon
Sandra – pearl Islands, HvV
Courtney – China, HvV
Kim – one World
Kelly – Borneo
Amber – Australia , All Stars
Christy – Amazon
Natalie – Samoa
Holly – Nicaragua
Sophie – South Pacific
Becky – Cook Islands
Cindy – Guatamala
Natalie – Micronesia
Erin – Tocantins
Michelle – Fiji
Darrah – Pearl islands
Brenda – Nicaragua
Leann – Vanuatu
Katie – Palau
Crystal – Gabon
Sierra – Tocantins
Kat – one world
Vecepia – Marquesas
Natalie – redemption Island

I would love to see all these Awesome women play again, I stayed away from anyone who had played three times otherwise i would love to see Parvati and Jerri Back 😉

CBS make this Happen

Hitchcock’s best

Alfred Hitchcocks best films

I have just recently watched To Catch a theif for the first time and thought it might be a fun idea to catholicize my favorite Hitchcock films , I am also making it my goal to watch all of his movie as he is my favorite director . So here is my top ten 😉

10: The 39 Steps

Its been a really long time since I have seen this so it does not make it too high , this will be one I want to re watch

9: Family Plot

This is Hitchcock’s last film and it was not very good in terms of story and suspense . It was an alright film but nothing spectacular .

8: To Catch a Thief

How can you not like a film with the most beautiful woman ever EVER EVER EVER in it. Grace Kelly is simply stunning in this film about a former thief , the awesome Cary Grant who decides to find a copycat thief to clear his own name. the whole movie takes place in France and its just light , fun and beautiful.

Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery star in this film about a woman who is for lack of a better term a little crazy , enjoyable film not one of the best

6: Vertigo

Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak star is this film about an obsessed detective who’s afraid of heights , awesome score and very suspenseful. Also can be a bit slow

5: Rope

Jimmy Stewart again ahaha, this time he is a teacher who goes stop his students house for dinner, only to realize they have a body hidden under the table , this film is unique as its all show from one camera and one angle, super suspenseful very very good.

4: North by Northwest
Cray Grant and Eva Marie Saint star is this spy movie , Cary gets wrongly accused of murder and sets out on a trail to clear his name in this film of mixed identities and government espionage . it’s a fun fast paced spy movie with one of the most nerve wracking final scenes ever filmed.

3:Rear Window

Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly , in this murder mystery , Jimmy is a Photographer with a broken leg who takes to spying on his neighbors throughout the day to pass the time. He suspects his neighbor of killing his wife and with his beautiful girlfriend and his nurse they set about f=to figure out the truth . This si probably on of the most suspenseful Hitchcock films ever.

2: The Birds
Tippi Hedren and Jessica Tandy

Birds go crazy in a small town and start to attack everyone , this movie is soooo old but to this day I don’t like any large grouping of birds.

1: Psycho

Anthony Perkins , Vera Miles and Janet Leigh

This is the best , its my favorite movie of all time and what I consider to be the best movie ever made . Its two different stories in one, the first being a movie about a woman who steals money and runs away with it . The second being about a hotel run by a creepy man who loves his mother a whole lot. If you have not seen this movie you should its simply brilliant.

I have a lot more Hitchcock to see but I am making a list and going for it 😉

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Master of Suspense – 20Alfred Hitchcock Inspired Fan Art