Survivor-2:The Australian Outback

Survivor Season 2: Australian Outback

Top Ten Moments
• Fire Accident – Michael inhales some smoke and passes out in the fire it was the scariest moment so far and watching him lose the skin off his fingers was horrible

• Camp flooded- The whole camp washes away with the river

• Kimmi vs. Alicia – one of the greatest fights every between the vegan Kimmi and foul mouthed Alicia ahahahh

• Colby- Wins Seven challenges a feat that has never been broken

• Rice- these survivors did not plan accordingly and ran out of food , they were basically dying and had to trade a house for more rice

• Jerri- best villain yet

• Keith the Chef- Cant cook rice

• Kel- smuggled beef jerky or was it Jerri making up lies?

• Tina getting rice- the rice bucket floated away and Tina swam acroos a big river to get it back , her best moment

• Poor Elisabeth – losing her hair poor thing was dying I think

Top Five players
• Colby
• Tina
• Jerri
• Michael
• Jeff

Favorite Survivors
• Elisabeth
• Rodger
• Colby
• Amber
• Jerri


Survivor Season 1 Borneo

Top Ten Moments
• Susan’s Rat and Snake Speech – basically the most despicable speech ever given throughout the entirety of survivor was delivered during the first season.

• Jenna not having a tape of her family – this was a horribly sad moment , Jenna’s mother did not meet the deadline to send the family video in and everyone who watched felt so horrible for her

• Rudy’s comments – throughout the season Rudy had some of the best / most offensive comments ever.

• Greg’s Phone- Greg was a unique player who pretended to talk on a coconut blackberry

• Richard sitting in the tree- he just sat there judging everyone it was just comical

• Colleen winning reward- such a thrilling challenge and very exciting to see adorable colleen win some food

• Tribe eating Rats- everyone watching was not sure how real it was until everyone started eating rats

• Susan and Kelly fight- Susan picked a huge fight with Kelly and screamed at her for what seemed like a whole day

• Richard Naked – Basically he was naked it was funny

• Talking Shell- in one of the Episodes Jeff introduces the talking shell just hysterical

Five best Players
• Rich
• Greg
• Kelly
• Sue
• Jenna

My Top Five Favorite
• Colleen
• Rich
• Sue
• Kelly
• Gervase

Little Miss Sun…

Little Miss Sunshine – 2006 

Directed- Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton 

Staring-Toni Collete , Greg Kinner , Steve Carell , Paul Dano , Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin 

Nominated for four Academy Awards- Best Picture , Best Screenplay , Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress





Just watched this movie again tonight, it has been a while since i last saw it and WOW. what an awesome movie , everything about it is just brilliant. The Cast, The Story , the Score everything is just prefect .

Made my Friday night , if you have never seen it please check in out .


Why Survivor Heroes vs Villains is the best

Top twenty Reasons why Survivor Heroes Vs Villains is the best of the 24 seasons.

I have recently started re watching Survivor season 20 and it’s simply brilliant, the best crazy cast really pulled off an awesome season. I will try and keep things general so no one knows anything unless you have seen the show.

20: The entire set up of heroes vs. villains really makes for a unique set up because the heroes are all physically bigger and stronger while all the villains are smarter . It’s enjoyable to watch these two teams battle and see if brains or brawn win out.
19: The best Challenge EVER, the first episode featured the most amazing challenge ever, it involved teams of two running down the beach to dig up bags an then race back while battling the opposing team members. It involved a broken toe, a dislocated Shoulder and a topless finish.
18: James is Crazy, basically on his third time playing the game James goes bat shit crazy and turns into a psychopathic crazy man.
17: J.T. and Tyson are both Idiots, these two Alums both basically shot themselves in the foot over the course of the game and it was enjoyable to watch them be stupid.
16: Colby and Jerri, I think I am the only one who really just wants them to start dating and get married.
15: Coach crying his eyes out bahahahahahah, having to listen to Tyson tells him how to play the game was the funniest moment in many seasons of survivor.
14: Russell losing his hat in the fire 😉
13: Rob’s medical emergency, I got some Crybabyittis
12: Watching Ponderosa, Couch and Courtney make some of the most hysterical moments of the show.
11: This might be more of a bad thing but completed amazed at the casting of Danielle, Candice and Amanda. Watching them in the show is just funny, I don’t think they did anything special in their times on the island and I would have rather seen a few different people playing. (Kelly (Borneo) for the Heroes, Natalie (Micronesia) for the Villains, Ami (Vanuatu) for the Heroes.)
10: Sandra and Courtney’s amazing performances in Challenges ahahahahh they basically suck at them but they make me laugh every single time they play.
9: Jeff’s commentary, when Jeff knows the cast he is much more vocal in his dislike of certain people and it makes for some of the best commentary.
8: Heroes are stupid I mean seriously they are all dumb asses
7: Idol fight between Amanda and Danielle
6: Banana fight with James hahahahahahahahaha, having to listen to Amanda about not eating Bananas
5: Courtney, One of my top three favorite players ever returning and being just a big of a bitch as ever. I LOVE HER
4: Parvati giving away idols caused one of the best tribal council moments
3: Sandra Spying on Russell hahahahahh AMAZING
2: Russell Getting OWNED
1: the winner 😉 I will keep it a secret for whom ever has not see the show but it’s an awesome finish and I don’t think I have been more excited 😉