Mother Landing

This is my first blog post in a long time; it’s been very difficult to think of something to blog about. I now have a nice little story to talk about … Mother came to Alaska : )

Last week, Mother, Betsy, Stevie and Travis came to Juneau to visit. We rented a car from a friend and stayed at the extended stay in Juneau (worst hotel ever)
I never let them have a break we were busy the entire time and the sad fact was that I was the one that was exhausted after the trip I think they were all fine. Betsy had an air cast on her leg so she was not as mobile as she would have been normally. We hiked to the glacier where Travis went skating on his leg; he ripped it up pretty badly.

Hiked to nugget falls where we all soaked our feet in the freezing water

Ate out at all the restraints in Juneau

Got Betsy Fro Yo

Ran in the race only Fools run at midnight

Went on the Tracey Arm glacier tour to the West Sawyer Glacier

We had an amazing time and I am so sad to see them all go home  maybe they will come back next year and see me again