Attack of the 1000 year old woman

Angry women
Yesterday Jennifer and I were working out little butts off doing clothing inventory in a garage of the Empire building. And when we finally finished we decided to go and slum around Fred Meyer. Now Freddie’s is one of our most favorite places in Juneau to spend a good two hours.
Now I know you’re asking yourself what is this store where he could spend two hours walking around in it? Well if you have not had the privilege of walking through a Fred Meyer than you are missing out on a big pile of fun. Second only to MEGA in Cuernavaca this is the grandest superstores I have ever been in. it has everything anyone could ever want. You can get frozen pizza, panty hoes, toilet brushes, legos and potting soil.
Basically it’s just like Wall-Mart but less slavery to little Children in Nepal, And here in Juneau there is not to many enjoyable things one can do when they are bored and want to walk around inside. The only other viable option is the Nugget Mall “The Natural Choice”. The Nugget mall is a gloriously rinky dink mall; their biggest draw in terms of stores is a Radio Shack rip off store, a Joann Fabrics and A Nuggets outfitter store. It’s basically the mall from dawn of the dead …. Empty ahahahaha. I am being mean; there happen to be lots of preteens who loiter around the mall at all hours of the day.
Now I have wandered in my story, going back. Jenn and I had spent a good two hours and probably a good 80 bucks in Fred Meyer , we get in line hoping that we can catch the next bus in about fifteen minutes.
I look ahead of me and the woman in front of us in her early hundreds and looks like a sweet little mother goose. I proceed to read the labels in the magazines to Jennifer
“Whitney is a lesbian crack Whore”
“Nancy Reagan dying alone”
“Vanessa Hudgens Slim Sexy body”
“Kim Kardashian has Cellule… Who Cares “
“Tone, Thighs; Tight Tush”
That last one was a real tongue twister; I read it about four times out loud because I was trying to understand it.
ROOOOOOARRR Mother Goose turns around
Andrew: Cocks his head like a confused puppy
Little mother witch: WHO CARES ABOUT ANY OF THIS….. She then turns back around to move her cauldron up further on the checkout lane.
I turn around and look very astonished at Jennifer going “WTF” Jenn Giggles as I still glare at the old woman completely dumbfounded.
The woman then proceeds to talk to the checkout guy like they were old family, she blathers on and on and on and on. Finally I realize we are never going to get the bus so I proceed to start reading everything I can and reading it even louder. You want to yell at me then I am at least going to be annoying enough to deserve it.

Another delightful encounter with a nice Jueauite.

Glee Ten Best Songs

Glee is the hotest show in the world right now and since i love making lists i thought i would break down my favorites Glee songs for you . So Here is My Top ten .

1: Imagine

2: Don’t stop believing

3: Teenage Dream

4: Blackbird

5: Bust your windows

6: Forget You

7: Need you now

8: Somewhere over the Rainbow

9: Lucky

10: Bad Romance

What are your favorite Glee Songs ????????????????????????

My New Job at Dove

My hunt for a job has lead me to look at retooling some current work places I thing I am a natural fit at the Dove Company they need my help.

I received some dove chocolate for Christmas and have been eating it lately, as you know all dove chocolate has some dumb saying or inspirational saying on the wrapper.

Here are some dove inspired nuggets of wisdom 
“Enjoy your Dove and let your mind unwind”
“Find a Moment or tranquility within your day and savor it”
“Buy Yourself Flowers”
“indulge your sense of Amusement”
“Push yourself to do one thing outside your comfort zone this week”
“Escape for a moment”
“Simply be rather than do”

Why do all these stupid candies give these stupid inspirational quotes who wants an inspirational quote when they are cramming down chocolate . I think that dove should change there marketing angle they should try and stop people from eating chocolate or greatly shame them for consuming so much of it on a daily basis. My idea for some new Dove slogans are .

“ Really another one ?”
“ whew here goes another 42 Calories”
“ That’s another ten minutes on the treadmill”
“ keep eating those feelings”
“ straight to the spare tire “
“ Good Girl “
“ Is your muffin top Hungry “
“ This is how it started for Kristie Alley “
“ Don’t forget to grease the door”
“ Fat Ass”
“ On your way to McDonalds”
“ Almost time for your Maury Povich episode “
“ WWGD … What would Giselle Do”
“ Stop.. Your Fat “
“ Your beautiful just the way you are … RIGHT “
“ Buy Yourself Celery”
“ This will get you a man “
“ Cellulite building “

I believe that if Dove ran this as their new campaign they would sell even more chocolate because people would buy them just for a good laugh. This is my new idea to help dove along .. Maybe I can get a job there ?

What is your idea to help Dove out ?
Do you have any clever sayings for dove ?

Disney Songs

Since I am now 25 years old and feel like a old person I have had a week of being a child and by that I mean rocking out to my favorite songs … Disney Songs , I am going to break it down for you and give you my top ten .
Top ten Disney Songs
10: Be Prepared: the Lion King

9: Under the Sea: The Little Mermaid

8: A Friend Like Me: Aladdin

7: Go the Distance: Hercules

6: Bells of Notre Dame: Hunchback of Notre Dame

5: Ill Make a Man out of you: Mulan

4: Poor Unfortunate Souls: The Little Mermaid

3: Tale as Old as time: Beauty and The Beast

2: Circle Of Life: The Lion King

1: Colors of the Wind: Pocahontas

What are your top ten ???

X- Men

Top from Left to right

• Rogue: Anna Paquin
• Sabertooth : Leiv Schreiber
• Beast : Kelsey Grammar
• Dr. Moria Mctaggert: Rose Bryne
• Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds
• Storm: Halle Berry
• Mystique: Rebecca Romijn

Next Row
• Callisto: Dania Ramirez
• Gambit: Taylor Kitsch
• Magneto : Ian Mckellen
• Lady Deathstrike : Kelly Hu
• Leech: Cameron Bright
• Pro X: Patrick Stewart
• Juggernaut : Vinnie Jones

Next Row
• Night Crawler : Alan Cumming
• Pyro: Aaron Stanford
• Wolverine : Hugh Jackman
• Sebastian Shaw & Emma Frost : Kevin Bacon and January Jones
• Stryker : Brian Cox
• Iceman : Shawn Ashmore
• Toad: Ray Park

Next Row
• Angel : Ben Foster
• Cyclops : James Marsden
• Blob : Kevin Durand
• Colossus : Daniel Cudmore
• Dr. Kavita Rao: Shohreh Aghdashloo
• Kitty Pryde : Ellen Page
• Jean Grey : Famke Jeneson

The X-men universe is huge; this is merely a sampling of many people. I have always loved the X-Men and I am very excited about the newest X-Men movie which will explain the origins of Pro. X and Magneto.

X-Men First Class

Credited cast:
Jennifer Lawrence
… Raven Darkholme / Mystique

Michael Fassbender
… Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto

January Jones
… Emma Frost

James McAvoy
… Professor Charles Xavier

Rose Byrne
… Dr. Moira MacTaggert

Kevin Bacon
… Sebastian Shaw

Nicholas Hoult
… Hank McCoy / Beast

Zoë Kravitz
… Angel Salvadore

Lucas Till
… Alex Summers / Havok

Jason Flemyng
… Azazel

Oliver Platt
… Man in Black


Why do i hate everything today , its been a long boring and frankly horrible day. there is not justification as to why my day sucked but its did. Best part about of it was celebrating Cathleen’s Birthday at the Sandpiper Cafe so basically from there it was a crap shoot.

I need to start trying to figure out what i will be doing with my life , I think if I was able to figure my life out a bit then I might have a lot less stress , what to do ?? what to do ???

I just want to eat pizza and watch movies …. why cant I do that

Where in the World is Andrew Dubay ??????

Where to go ? What will I do with my self next year ? Do I stay in Juneau ? So I go somewhere else ?

I have applied for a job teaching in Korea , can I live in Korea ? I don’t know anything about it expect it got a good side and a bad side . Kim Jong El is kind of mean , could I survive ?

Should I try and apply for jobs in other countries ? If so what places have I always wanted to go to ?

Australia ?

Sydney Opera House , Great barrier reef , Kangaroos ???

China ?

The Great Wall , Rice and Pandas ???

India ?

Taj Mahal , Cows and the kids from Slumdog Millionaire ???

Brazil ?

Cement Jesus , Beaches and Rum ????

Russia ?

Red Square, Snow and Vodka ??

Egypt ?

Pyramids , Camels and Sand ???

They all sound nice , where should I look for job ….. Where should I go ….. What should I do …..

Too many questions , my head hurts I am going to eat some Ice Cream and Watch TV I will deal with this mess later .

Any ideas for me ?

Where are you going ?

What are you doing with your life ?

Any places you would like to live/ visit ?