The Karate Kid Part 7 ?

So I would like everyone to take a seat , I don’t care where your at please just sit down . After I tell you my news I would hate to have any concussions or injuries on my conscience . I Andrew Dubay of sound mind and body have agreed to run a half marathon in july with Cathleen ( who will be doing the whole shebang).

Anyone who knows me , knows that of course I look like this

No this is going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done how am I going to get my body to keep moving for 13 miles ? I looked like this after just three miles

I told Cathleen that the only way I was going to be able to pull this off was with some major training , I told her it was going to be the Karate kid all over again . She will be Pat Morairty and I will be a Young Ralph Machio .

This is going to be the most difficult and stupidest things I have ever done Cathleen is going to beat my body to with an inch of its life.

I have to mold my body from this

To this

Not that I will be complaining when I look like this because frankly it’s a lot better than my pooh tummy. Now I have run three miles every morning since this decision bringing my grand total of miles this week to six .I did encounter a problem on Thursday I found out there is a little something called Chafing and it’s a bitch . My “inner” thighs might have been lit on fire and burnt right next to Joan of Arc . It was sheer torture . I don’t know if this is the right “life goal “ for me . I should have just pledged to eat more or something , maybe a hot dog eating contest . Well I will keep you all up to date on my ever dying body and the pains I bring upon it .