Predictions 11-24-10

Alright its getting closer to my favorite time of the year and I am here to let you know what films I think should be nominated for awards in the upcoming season. Now I am only going to judge and include the films I have been privileged to see . There are many more I am very anxious to see ( Black Swan , The Kings Speech and The Fighter) but here we go

Best Picture:
1: Inception – this movie was Brilliant , amazing cast , story , direction. It was a spot on science fiction film that was unique and something to be marveled . I loved Inception and its my pick as best picture

2: Toy Story 3 – how can anyone alive not admit that this film was amazing , its all the same character we grew up with and now we have to see how they cope after we grow up and move out. I would be so happy if this could pull of a win for best picture but I am not putting my money on it yet

3:The Social Network – the story of face book , I thought this movie would be something boring and weird but it ended up being fast paced and intelligent. I really enjoyed the actors and the grace at which the story played out.

4: The Kids are all Right – What a nice little movie about a family . The mothers are played by Annette Benning and Julianne Moore . Great movie

5:Winters Bone- now this movie is this years Precious , its so sad and heartbreaking . You feel such emotion for this young woman and all the pain she suffers with in life .

Best Actor
Leonardo Dicaprio – Inception
Jesse Esienberg – The Social network

Best Actress
Annette Benning – The kids are All right
Jullianne Moore – The kids are All right
Jennifer Lawrence – Winters Bone
Cecile De France – Hereafter

Best Supporting Actor
Joseph Gordon Levit – Inception
Mark Ruffallo – The Kids are all right
Tom Hardy – Inception
Andrew Garfield – The Social Network
Michael Douglass – Wall Street 2

Best Supporting Actress
Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom
Dale Dickey-Winter’s Bone
Ellen Page – Inception
Marrion Cottiard – Inception
Mia Wasikowska- The Kids are All right
Carey Mulligan – Wall Street 2

Now I have tons more movies to see and I will be sure to make the changes I see fit once I have more options to choose between .