The Halloween Brownout

The Four Seasons
Ok well Halloween was not what anyone would have hoped for , it descended into a night of drunkenness ahahah.

Since I don’t quite remember or care to share the whole evening I will give you just tidbit of information ( most of which came flashing back to me over the past week )

Picking up slutterfly then promptly dropping her

Attacking a girl with (bear hands )

Comparing “Muffin tops “ with another girl

Talking to a guy with a noose around his neck about who he thought was cute ( during this conversation I was holding on to the noose strangling him )

Grabbing a random woman who was dressed as “Flo from progressive” hugging and possible screaming .

Eating Cake at the bar , as well as feeding this cake to other people

Cramming a stuffed bear down another guys pants multiple times through out the night

Running into the bar grabbing a man dressed as a bear and asking him where Wonder woman was

Getting a spray tan in my non ventilated bathroom and almost suffocating

Listening to a conversation ( by drunks ) and laughing because I did not understand what anyone was saying

Being “hit” slammed into the wall by guy in the bar

Being excited to see a guy , so I grabbed his beard and screamed his name into his face.

Standing there dumbfounded for a while then fleeing towards a open taxi which I commandeered

Well over all it was a fun evening and no one got hurt so that’s great but I would urge you to use caution when ever drinking and make sure your not driving J


2 thoughts on “The Halloween Brownout

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