“Take this to Jesus “

Ok this week has been the hardest and crappiest week I have had since I moved here . There was no real reason as to why I hated it so much It was just not enjoyable I mean it was dark , rainy and gloomy .

Monday : All corps day , Laundry , bus stop for half hour in cold rain
Tuesday : work at United way 8:15- 4:30 , work my house 5:30- 8:00
Wednesday : work at united way 8:15 to 1:30 then went home and cooked an amazing batch of Chicken noodle soup .
Thursday “Same as Tuesday “
Friday: work at United way 8-430 then Sushi and a movie ( Due Date )

Sat work at my hour from 10:00 to 2:00 then we went and worked at Charlottes house

Now for those of you who don’t know Charlotte is the Hoarder that we helped last month , well we all enjoyed it so much that we went back. Now I was very scared that we would be going back and the entire house would be filled with crap again. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had kept everything clean and even been doing laundry and stuff .

Now for today we talked and decided that we would be focusing on her room and trying to get it at least inhabitable a bit . Now this has to be the most disgusting room I have ever been in my life the entire room is filled with shit . Its just scary how much stuff she has crammed into such a small space . Nicole and I run into the room and start gutting a alarmingly fast pace while Cathleen and Jennifer catch all the trash Nicole and I were throwing . It was kind of scary Nicole and I went crazy we were like to deranged people we were moving like machines poor Cathleen and Nicole only walked with full bags of trash all day. Charlotte was amazing she was totally game and let us all go to town , Jennifer had a fun project of moving shelves into another room and spent a good forty minutes and about 100 Clorox wipes cleaning them up . Cathleen got the hang of the trash chucking and really got into the grove , she was just as excited as the rest of us to get the room empty .

Best parts of the day

Jennifer trying to take the bird into the kitchen while the dog is trying to eat her ahahahahahahh Jennifer was being beat to crap by this huge dog

Me telling Charlotte that the nasty ass crap I was pulling out of the corner “need to go back to Jesus”

Nicole diving into a pile of crap with out a mask or gloves then deciding that she wanted her mask and trying to get on but it was upside down “ maybe only funny to me”

Cathleen’s excitement and joy over throwing crap away “ I was worried she would be grossed out “

Over all its was great two and half hours and we did lots of work , and had tons of fun. Its was truly the highlight of my week and I am very excited to be going back in another month and cleaning up some more crap.

So a crappy week can be finished nicely and it’s a prefect example of how helping someone and being a volunteer can actually make you feel better .


2 thoughts on ““Take this to Jesus “

  1. I commend you guys for going back multiple times. I can safely say that among all the nice things I am doing for others in Juneau – Charlottes will remain a one time only for me.

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