My Favorite Things

My favorite Things

I am taking a cue from Oprah and making a list of my favorite things from the past year . This is basically a recap of everything I did this year that was amazing and new . All the things I found for the first time and the people I meet for the first time.
Me at the Beginning of the Year

Moving to Alaska
Living in Mexico
Graduating with a Masters
Attack of the Tehones

Getting a Peace Crop Interview
Joining Americorps
Museum in Mexico

Nick and Ashley Wedding
Vera and Jason Wedding
Going to Sitka

Working at Telamon
Mother Comes to Mexico
Miranda Accident
Nicks Proposal

Playing The Great Dalmuti
Being on the Radio

Places (I went to in 2010)
Mexico City

La Espiga
Douglass Island

Ed and Betsy’s Home
My Bedroom in Mexico
Fred Meyer

Deloros Hildago
El Royal
Mt Roberts
Mendenhall Glacier

TV ( These are all TV I enjoyed In 2010)

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

True Blood
Arrested Development
Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars
30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory
The Big C
The Golden Girls
Modern Family

Requiem for a Dream

Toy Story 3
Please Give
The Girl with the Dragon tattoo
The Social network
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Animal Kingdom
The kids are alright
Paranormal Activity 2
Due Date
Rescue Dawn
Let the Right one in

A Single man
Right at your door
The Shinning
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Music ( I found in 2010 )
The Dog Days Are over : Florence + The Machine
Dog Days are Over
Skinny Love : Bon Iver
Higher Window : Josh Groban
In for the Kill : La Roux
Welcome to Burlesque : Cher
I wish the best for you : Emerson Hart

Time of my Life :Dirty Dancing
Express :Christina Aguleria
Bad Romance : Lady Gaga
Firework :Katy Perry
California Gurls : Katy Perry
Drumming Song : Florence + the Machine
Anything by Clint Mansell
Inception Soundtrack
Funhouse: Pink
Hidden Away : Josh Groban

The Girl with the Dragon tattoo Series :Stieg Larson

The Life and Times of the thunderbolt kid :Bill Bryson
My horizontal Life : Chelsea Handler
Playing for Pizza : John Grisham

Food / Drinks
Sushi at Seongs

Tacos across from OXXO
Frozen Caps from OXXO
Bread from Espiga
Reiners Beer
The Bottle of Tequila for Acapulco
Fro Yo

Sweaty Kid Blog

Everyday Joy

Book of Awesome / 100 Best things Blog

Hyperbole and a Half Blog

Kellys Bad Romance

Bird Dancing to Whip your Hair

Kittens on the Rumba

Single Ladies Clown

David after Dentist

Scarlett takes a Tumble

The Angry Strawberry

Girl Who Wants a Lolipop

Antoine Dodson

People who are new to my life in 2010
Luis and Franco
Mary Cruz
Susan ,Shawn and their Kids
Emily L.

My Babies
Ana Laura- My Baby Girl
Andres + Andres – My Fav Boys
Melina – My little hot mess

Top Ten Moments of 2010

1: Taking my Babies to the zoo and seeing all of the children’s faces light up ,when they see animals that they have never seen before. These kids are so wonderful and watching them experience such joy was the best moment of 2010.

2: Moving to Juneau/ Joining Americorps , moving was hard and scary and I am even still scared but I think its been a great four months and its only getting easier as time goes by.

3: Las Estacs with Kelly , Sabin , Mary Cruz and Mother. This is the most amazing place I have ever been to , I loved it . I turned into a twelve year old child when I was here paying in the water .

4: Going to Guanajuato with Kelly and Sabin , This was the best trip we took in Mexico and it was the most crazy , the frog , the singing , the coffee place , the mummies , the buffets

5: Running two 5ks , in Mexico I ran my first 5k and then in Juneau I ran a 5k Biathlon and I felt such pride and joy when I finished both of them .

6:Giving clothes away at The Migrant camps with my Family . See the people get excited of old clothes and truly be appreciative of something most people deem as trash made me feel amazing

7: Grand Rapids with Kevin , this was the most fun I have ever had with a stranger ( who is now a friend ) , Spray tan , Sonic , Driving , Tanning , Meetings , Tony the Tiger , Zumba.

8: My Birthday with Kelly , she almost died and I broke a finger , but we had an amazing time and it was truly my favorite birthday ever .

9: Climbing Mt Roberts at Sunset with Nicole and Cathleen , this was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life absolutely gorgeous and we had an amazing photo shoot

10:The Wedding in Mexico , The second day in Mexico Kelly and I went to a wedding reception together and it was a blast truly the day we because the best of friends

Honorable mention

Team Building Exercise with Cat , never has something so physically hard been so much fun , I re-watch the video over and over again laughing at the spectacle that we made of ourselves.

Me at the end of the Year

I would like to thank everyone who has been apart of my life this year ( New and old Friends ) this has been of the best years of my life and I look forward to everything that will come my way next year .

Juneau updates

Ok so its been a while since I have updated everyone on the events that have been taking place here in beautiful Juneau

First its stopped raining and now its snowy and cold , yaaa its so much nicer than that shitty rain . I finally have a nice coat so I am not freezing all the time ahahahhahaha

Turkey shoot :
Last week Jennifer , Jared , Emily , Kyle , Brian and I went to a Turkey Shoot. Which is a shooting competition where the person who hit’s the most targets ever hour gets a free turkey. First we did the shotgun where you shoot at the flying orange disc. I was first up and I hit disc number three WHOOO HOOOO I was so freaking excited ahhahahahah it was amazing. Jared , Emily and Kyle hit 0 . So yeah in case you did not read that correctly Andrew the fat lazy one hit one and Mountain woman Kyle , Miss Hike 2010 Emily and Butch is my middle name Jared hit 0 . Muah Muah Muah

Next was the Bow and Arrow , now only Jennifer and I did this portion . I did horrible I shot one of my arrows into the drywall above the target and it was hard to get out . Jennifer on the other hand owned the target and basically made that bow and arrow her bitch . I was very proud of her she did a great job. She also hit her arm with the bow cord and over the next week develop the biggest bruise I have ever seen it was kind of scary.

The Sleepover

Jennifer lost the use of her plumbing in her home , so we had a sleepover . It was a fun few days it reminded me of sharing my room with my brothers ahahah . Her plumbing is now fixed and she is back home .

This week work was really enjoyable Marie and I had a fun task to complete and it kept us busy for the whole three days . It was a very exciting and invigorating work week.

OMG this was a debacle , I don’t even know how to explain it besides saying its one I will never forget . It was unique to say the least , and that damn hike has basically crippled my shoulder ugh .

I will be volunteering at the radio station and get to be on air some whooo hooo its going to be fun .

Hyperbole and a Half
This is a new blog that was discovered by Cathleen and it is the most brilliant and hysterical thing I have ever read in my life . I am absolutely in love with this blog , pure genius Check it out

Predictions 11-24-10

Alright its getting closer to my favorite time of the year and I am here to let you know what films I think should be nominated for awards in the upcoming season. Now I am only going to judge and include the films I have been privileged to see . There are many more I am very anxious to see ( Black Swan , The Kings Speech and The Fighter) but here we go

Best Picture:
1: Inception – this movie was Brilliant , amazing cast , story , direction. It was a spot on science fiction film that was unique and something to be marveled . I loved Inception and its my pick as best picture

2: Toy Story 3 – how can anyone alive not admit that this film was amazing , its all the same character we grew up with and now we have to see how they cope after we grow up and move out. I would be so happy if this could pull of a win for best picture but I am not putting my money on it yet

3:The Social Network – the story of face book , I thought this movie would be something boring and weird but it ended up being fast paced and intelligent. I really enjoyed the actors and the grace at which the story played out.

4: The Kids are all Right – What a nice little movie about a family . The mothers are played by Annette Benning and Julianne Moore . Great movie

5:Winters Bone- now this movie is this years Precious , its so sad and heartbreaking . You feel such emotion for this young woman and all the pain she suffers with in life .

Best Actor
Leonardo Dicaprio – Inception
Jesse Esienberg – The Social network

Best Actress
Annette Benning – The kids are All right
Jullianne Moore – The kids are All right
Jennifer Lawrence – Winters Bone
Cecile De France – Hereafter

Best Supporting Actor
Joseph Gordon Levit – Inception
Mark Ruffallo – The Kids are all right
Tom Hardy – Inception
Andrew Garfield – The Social Network
Michael Douglass – Wall Street 2

Best Supporting Actress
Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom
Dale Dickey-Winter’s Bone
Ellen Page – Inception
Marrion Cottiard – Inception
Mia Wasikowska- The Kids are All right
Carey Mulligan – Wall Street 2

Now I have tons more movies to see and I will be sure to make the changes I see fit once I have more options to choose between .

Harry Potter Mania

Harry Potter cast
Look at these Kids all grown up

Ok so I was lucky enough to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow part one on opening day here in Juneau . Now this is a big feat because we don’t have transportation here and it becomes quite difficult to get from point a to point b . We went on Monday night and got the tickets ( only took us two whole hours) . After work on Friday we all meet up and made our way to the theatre , we arrived a bit before six and got in a long line waiting to be let into the theatre where we could fight and claw for some seats . We celebrated Nicole birthday in line ( because she will be home next week) and played stupid naming games while we tried to keep warm ( its freezing this week in Juneau ).

Eventually we were unleashed into the theater and its was freaking crazy its bring back memories of scary times …..

Flash Back five years ( BLACK FRIDAY ) its Four thirty in the morning and I am in a Wal-Mart with my mother , blood is freely flowing down the isles streaming away from a giant stand where once stood 1500 Barbie dolls that were on sale for $2.55 . A body lay discarded in the home appliance isle where that unlucky patron lost a battle over a Microwave ( $12.99 before three am ) . A woman lay crying quietly to herself because she was not fast enough to commandeer a Play station ( $156.99) .

So basically it was kind of a mad house in the theatre , generally on par with anything you will be seeing this coming Friday in any wall mart across this great country.

Ok so back to the movie , well it was AMAZING I loved it , I know they would not be considered great movies in the grand scheme of life , but I loved it . I have read all the books and I think they did a fantastic job of adapting them into great movies . Now the scariest / greatest thing about these movies is that these kids have grown up I mean really they are adults now and its kind of creepy I feel a bit like a pedophile for thinking that Ginny and Hermione have become quiet beautiful young women .

Ginny is Pretty

See Look Ginny Is HOT

Emma Watson Is Hot
Grown up Emma

Emma Cut all here hair off and she is absolutely Stunning

Bonnie Modeling
Look at Sexy Bonnie Wright

Ginny is doing some great modeling , she could Show some of them girls on Americas Next Top Model a thing or two .

Emma Watson Modeling
Emma Watsons Sexy photo Shoot

Emma is no slouch herself

Some more For your Enjoyment

Now getting to the pedophiliac ( not really they are both legal ) subject and back to life in Juneau . Last weekend we had a Harry Potter marathon so we would be ready for Deathly Hallows. Now we have seen these movies multiple times so we had a bit of fun and picked our Counter parts in the film. Now we picked ours and gave them to everyone we are currently living here with in Alaska ( a fun game for all if your bored one day )

Now I will just tell you that I was lucky enough to be Ron , this is because I come from a big family and I am generally an awkward individual . Cathleen was Hermione , because she is smart and tough and can throw a glare like no other . Nicole was Ginny , because she is pint sized and feisty . Jennifer was Cho because she is defiantly a Ravenclaw and she liked Cedric . My Mother was Mrs. Weasly , My Boss was Professor McGonagall and so on , if you are an Americorps member in Juneau ( My girls ) you can text me and ill let you know who you were .

What Harry Potter Character are you ?

What’s Your favorite Harry Potter Movie ?

Who’s Hotter Ginny or Hermione ????

Who ate the Curry ???

Some new developments in Juneau
Its cold and rainy , every day I mean I am used to being cold but this crappy ass rain sucks . Its not like a sprinkle either it’s a freaking downpour. Every one here looks like an extra on the prefect storm . I started out my time here judging these people and their ugly attire but now have since joined them and purchased the ugliest rain coat ever. The color is the worst / best part about my coat its neon orange, its like hunters orange but brighter. Actually if I put my hands over my head I look just like a traffic cone , I am a giant walking traffic cone. This is probably the ugliest I think I have ever been in my life , but there is not much I can do all the rain coats are hideous and they are extremely necessary here in the Alaskan rainforest.

The Bus

Well now since they have kicked the heat on in all the busses its gotten quite disgusting . First off everyone boards the buss soaping wet because of all the rain then they sit in the bus where the heat is being pumped into it like a nursing home. People are actually smoldering they are a hot steamy mess. The biggest problem is most of the crazies in Juneau only get a bath when they stand out in the rain , so they start to smell. And I don’t mean like just got done at the gym smell I mean like 15 years of shitting yourself bad , these people smell . Now every day I get on the bus it stinks so bad I have to sit there and try not to gag and throw up in the middle of the bus.

Friday night I went to the movies and when I got on the bus I was the first one to get on ( followed by Jennifer) . Now I have smelled some weird but appropriate smells while I have been on the bus , this evening though the entire bus smelt like Celery. Yeah the Vegetable , not shit or B.O. it smelled like celery . Now I seemed to be the only person able to smell that the entire bus smelled like a celery stalk. I looked around for celery and even said out loud WOW this bus smells like celery . Everyone on the bus just stared at me and was like WTF is this kids talking about . I have come to the conclusion that the bus driver gets some extra cash on the side to transport celery from the Boat docks down to Fred Meyer . Either this or Pine Sol has a new sent “Celery Fresh “

Now I don’t remember the day but I got on the bus after work and it smelled particularly fresh so I made my way to the back which did not seem to be that packed. Well there was a reason that the back was vacated. These are the options I have come down to be able to explain the smell

1: Someone just got back from a trip to India and at the airport they got into a fight with a curry salesman

2: Someone ate a whole bottle of curry for breakfast and then proceeded to shit themselves all day

3: Someone is smuggling curry into Juneau , possibly keeping it in their anus while they travel .

Now I am going to go with answer two because I think someone was sitting in the back of the bus (right in front of the heater ) in their own feces. I think that their curry shit was wafting all over the bus . Every ten seconds I would gag and try to stifle the vomit that was rising in my stomach it was the most vile smell I have ever smelled. I fled off the bus faster than a Mexican at a flea market .

I am sure the bus will provide me some more fun stories as time goes by .

“Take this to Jesus “

Ok this week has been the hardest and crappiest week I have had since I moved here . There was no real reason as to why I hated it so much It was just not enjoyable I mean it was dark , rainy and gloomy .

Monday : All corps day , Laundry , bus stop for half hour in cold rain
Tuesday : work at United way 8:15- 4:30 , work my house 5:30- 8:00
Wednesday : work at united way 8:15 to 1:30 then went home and cooked an amazing batch of Chicken noodle soup .
Thursday “Same as Tuesday “
Friday: work at United way 8-430 then Sushi and a movie ( Due Date )

Sat work at my hour from 10:00 to 2:00 then we went and worked at Charlottes house

Now for those of you who don’t know Charlotte is the Hoarder that we helped last month , well we all enjoyed it so much that we went back. Now I was very scared that we would be going back and the entire house would be filled with crap again. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had kept everything clean and even been doing laundry and stuff .

Now for today we talked and decided that we would be focusing on her room and trying to get it at least inhabitable a bit . Now this has to be the most disgusting room I have ever been in my life the entire room is filled with shit . Its just scary how much stuff she has crammed into such a small space . Nicole and I run into the room and start gutting a alarmingly fast pace while Cathleen and Jennifer catch all the trash Nicole and I were throwing . It was kind of scary Nicole and I went crazy we were like to deranged people we were moving like machines poor Cathleen and Nicole only walked with full bags of trash all day. Charlotte was amazing she was totally game and let us all go to town , Jennifer had a fun project of moving shelves into another room and spent a good forty minutes and about 100 Clorox wipes cleaning them up . Cathleen got the hang of the trash chucking and really got into the grove , she was just as excited as the rest of us to get the room empty .

Best parts of the day

Jennifer trying to take the bird into the kitchen while the dog is trying to eat her ahahahahahahh Jennifer was being beat to crap by this huge dog

Me telling Charlotte that the nasty ass crap I was pulling out of the corner “need to go back to Jesus”

Nicole diving into a pile of crap with out a mask or gloves then deciding that she wanted her mask and trying to get on but it was upside down “ maybe only funny to me”

Cathleen’s excitement and joy over throwing crap away “ I was worried she would be grossed out “

Over all its was great two and half hours and we did lots of work , and had tons of fun. Its was truly the highlight of my week and I am very excited to be going back in another month and cleaning up some more crap.

So a crappy week can be finished nicely and it’s a prefect example of how helping someone and being a volunteer can actually make you feel better .

The Halloween Brownout

The Four Seasons
Ok well Halloween was not what anyone would have hoped for , it descended into a night of drunkenness ahahah.

Since I don’t quite remember or care to share the whole evening I will give you just tidbit of information ( most of which came flashing back to me over the past week )

Picking up slutterfly then promptly dropping her

Attacking a girl with (bear hands )

Comparing “Muffin tops “ with another girl

Talking to a guy with a noose around his neck about who he thought was cute ( during this conversation I was holding on to the noose strangling him )

Grabbing a random woman who was dressed as “Flo from progressive” hugging and possible screaming .

Eating Cake at the bar , as well as feeding this cake to other people

Cramming a stuffed bear down another guys pants multiple times through out the night

Running into the bar grabbing a man dressed as a bear and asking him where Wonder woman was

Getting a spray tan in my non ventilated bathroom and almost suffocating

Listening to a conversation ( by drunks ) and laughing because I did not understand what anyone was saying

Being “hit” slammed into the wall by guy in the bar

Being excited to see a guy , so I grabbed his beard and screamed his name into his face.

Standing there dumbfounded for a while then fleeing towards a open taxi which I commandeered

Well over all it was a fun evening and no one got hurt so that’s great but I would urge you to use caution when ever drinking and make sure your not driving J