25 Scariest Movies of all time

The Top Twenty Five Horror Films

Psycho – how can you not get any creepier than this film . Alfred Hitchcock is a genius and he made this film ooze with creepiness that just makes you squirm even though its Fifty years old.

Paranormal Activity 1 &2 – these movies take the whole idea of home footage to a new level , I don’t know why they are so creepy but they are and I don’t care home many times I have seen them I still scream like a child.

High Tension – French people are crazy and this is one the craziest movies I have ever seen . If this movie does not freak you out then your crazy.

House on Haunted Hill – The original is wonderfully enjoyable and entertaining , but the remake is creepy . I love Geoffrey Rush and Famke Jansen they are absolutely superb as a bitch couple . Also this movie boasts one of the most shocking opening sequences EVER.

The Grudge – Now I know this is a stupid movie and it should not be on the list but you know what that damn kid and his stupid cat freaked me out forever . I see a little Asian kid and I still try and hide form him .

Saw- The original idea behind the first one of this franchise was absolutely terrifying and it was such a big scare I enjoyed the original film so much and it truly is one of the best horror movies ever made.

Pet Cemetery – oh my word , Stephen king breaks the biggest rule of films ( he kills children , and it so scary ) I did not like this movie so much I refuse to Re-watch it cause it freaked me out .

The Descent – I loved caving before I saw this movie , now I don’t like even being in the dark .

Scream – I know it’s a send up of all the other horror films but this one is still tense and scary , it made me so scared to ever answer the phone when I was home alone “ because I want to know who I am looking at” very excited for the fourth edition coming out in April 2011

The Shinning – Stephen King being creepy again , Jack Nicholson being even creepier and some crazy kid who’s a psychic

Rosemary’s Baby- Mia Farrow fights to protect herself And her baby from the devil , this film is so creepy and weird you wont even know what hit you .

Halloween – original or rob zombie this movie is crazy and nothing is scarier than Michael Myers chasing you around trying to kill you.

The Blair Witch Project – the original home footage film with a group of kids running around the woods getting lost and freaking us out at the same time .

Funny Games – Not actually a horror movie but its still scary as all hell
Right at your Door – Dirty bombs and big cities some crazy crap

Let the right one in – Vampires speaking Swedish = creepy

The Mist – Stephen king again being creepy this time with Marcia Gay Harden being crazy along with him .

Nightmare on Elm Street- one two Freddy’s coming for you three four better lock your door . Well after this movie you will .

It – again more Stephen King being freaking creepy and killing kids . Tim Curry being even creepier dressed as a killer clown.

Orphan – don’t mess with Esther casue she will mess you up

Childs Play- Chucky will kill you , actually this movie is more funny than scary but its still got some creep factor to it .

Poltergeist – one word Braces , still scared about them

Quartine – zombies and hand held cameras really creepy

28 days later – the remake of the scary zombie movie , staring Cillian Murphy ( who is just creepy period)

Cache – French people being creepy again , movie about a couple who are being video taped all the time and how they are trying to catch the person who is doing it . Really creepy .

Whats on your List ???

What should not be on mine ????

Halloween Fun


Love it , its one of the best holidays because you can be what ever you want to be. I have always loved dressing up , who doesn’t . In years past I have been the Wicked Witch of the west ( family wizard of ox thing ) , Sneezy ( Family Snow White thing ) Michael ( Family Peter Pan thing ) The Riddler ( My favorite Costume . Also was Batman for many years as a child and a Hockey Player . This year I am going to be part of a group and its going to be pretty funny and dumb but I like it J

Great Halloween costume Ideas

John and Kate Gosslin – Carry around eight cabbage patch dolls

Sister wives – one guys four girls

Lindsay Lohan – Wear anything , draw some track marks and put on a ankle bracelet

Randy Quaid and his wife – Hawaiian shirts and three day stubble on both people

Mel Gibson – Crazy beard and yell out Anti-semantic slurs all evening

Bed Bugs – Nothing like freaking people out

Katie From Paranormal Activity

Sarah Palin , Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

Barack and Michelle Obama

The Queen Mum

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Bill O Riely and The women of the view

The Possibilities are endless so before you go out tonight as a lousy ghost or a Goth think up something fun and creative . More often than not you will have all the necessary pieces in your own closet so be creative and have fun this Halloween .

What was your favorite costume of years past ?

What are some more creative Ideas ?

What are you going to be this year ?

Oh the joy of Stupid Pictures

One of our favorite activities in Sitka was to take funny pictures. We did this all over the town but I will explain some of our favorite places
Library benches, this was really fun because we set the camera on timer and ran back and forth to the benches while people gave us nasty looks
The buoys at the brewery this was really fun because the buoys were right outside the brewery and we had fun “tasting” at the brewery. A lot of these shots were also timer shots and this made it even ,more enjoyable because all I did was run back and forth
Waterfall was a great place to take some senior pictures and we took full advantage. We also staged some couture shots on
Going down to the shipyard and taking pictures with all the cool boats .Erin and I took this to the next level we would actually jump onto the boat and take pictures on other peoples boats. This was scary and very enjoyable. Now I don’t know if was some of the brewery “tastings” wearing off or weather I would do it sober “yes I would” but I am pretty sure it’s kind of illegal. Jennifer and he Jimmie the cricket elephant sized conscience could not play along with us but Erin and I had some fun.
I love taking pictures and I love screwing around in them because it makes its all the more enjoyable and you will never forget the fun time you had when you took it. So my tip for the day would be to have fun and enjoy talking pictures don’t be scared to do something stupid it will pay off and you’ll enjoy it much more than your Sears smile .


A drama centered on three people who are haunted by mortality in different ways. George (Damon) is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (de France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might-or must-exist in the hereafter. Written by Warner Bros. Pictures

Hereafter is Clint Eastwoods newest movie, written by Peter Morgan (The Queen , The Last king of Scotland , Frost/ Nixon and the Other Boleyn Girl). The Film Stars Cécile De France, Matt Damon, Jay Mohr , Richard kind , Frankie and George McLaren and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Now I have been the biggest Clint Eastwood fan Since Million Dollar baby and have fallen in love with each of his films. This film is no exception, it starts out with a bang and you slowly meet all your three main characters and see how they are touched by death

SPOILER ALERT …………………………..
Cécile De France plays a French journalist who is in the Thailand or somewhere close, she goes out one morning to buy some presents and a tsunami hits . this is one of the most spectacular scenes in the whole film and I am very excited to watch it again in slow motion once I buy the film . she experiences a near death occurrence including the white light and seeing other people who have died. Matt Damon stars as a ex psychic who has given up talking to the dead because he does not know how to cope . he starts the film with one last job set up for him by his brother . Frankie and George play twin brother who rely on each other for everything because there mother is a alcoholic . One of the boys is killed and the other is complete lost.
Throughout the film these three continually look for answers and reasons as to what lies after you die. The stories intertwine and the characters end up helping each other work through their problems .
I loved this movie I thought it was an amazing movie with some amazing performances including Damon and De France . the film does not give you any answer as to what lies beyond death but I makes you think about what you believe and what you believe will happen after you die.
Other great films by Clint Eastwood
Million Dollar Baby
Story of a female boxer ( Hillary Swank) her trainer (Clint Eastwood) and his friend ( Morgan Freeman). Won best picture and director for Clint as well as best Actress for Swank and Supporting Actor for freeman.
Flags of our Fathers
The Story of the Flag at Iwo Jima from the American perspective.
Letters from Iwo Jima
The Same story but from the Japanese perspective Staring Ken Wantanabe, was nominated for Best Picture.
Story of Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) and how he strived to make the nation of South Africa come together over rugby also starting Matt Damon . Best actor nomination for Freeman and supporting actor nomination for Damon.
Gran Torino
Story of an old man (Eastwood) and the neighborhood he lives in, his relation ship with a young boy who lives next door. This is one of my favorite movies ever its absolutely amazing.

Well if your bored one night and want to watch a good movie you cant go wrong with some Clint Eastwood.

Biathlon = Running and Shooting, Where do I sign up ???

Biathlon as according to Wikipedia (My Favorite source)
• Biathlon is a term used to describe any sporting event made up of two disciplines. However, biathlon usually refers specifically to the winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Other popular variants include summer biathlon, which combines cross-country running with riflery, modern biathlon and biathle, which combine running with swimming.
Some of the History of the Biathlons (also from Wikipedia)
The sport has its origins in an exercise for Norwegian soldiers, as an alternative training for the military. The world’s first known ski club, the Trysil Rifle and Ski Club, was formed in Norway in 1861 to promote national defense at the local level.
Called military patrol, the combination of skiing and shooting was contested at the Olympic Winter Games in 1924, and then demonstrated in 1928, 1936, and 1948, but did not regain Olympic recognition then, as the small number of competing countries disagreed on the rules (see also Governing body, below). During the mid-1950s, however, biathlon was introduced into the Russian and Swedish winter sport circuits and was widely enjoyed by the public. This newfound popularity aided the effort of having biathlon gain entry into the Winter Olympics.
The first World Championship in biathlon was held in 1958 in Austria, and in 1960 the sport was finally included in the Olympic Games. At Albertville in 1992, women were first allowed in Olympic biathlon.
The competitions from 1958 to 1965 used high-power centerfire such as .30-06 Springfield and 7.62x51mm NATO, etc. before the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge was standardized in 1978. The ammunition was carried in a belt worn around the competitor’s waist. The sole event was the men’s 20 km individual, encompassing four separate ranges and firing distances of 100 m, 150 m, 200 m, and 250 m. The target distance was reduced to 150 m with the addition of the relay in 1966. The shooting range was further reduced to 50 m in 1978 with the mechanical targets making their debut at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.
And finally some more information about biathlons (Wiki Wiki)
The complete rules of biathlon are given in the official IBU rule book (see External links, below).
Basic concepts
A biathlon competition consists of a race in which contestants ski around a cross-country track, and where the total distance is broken up by either two or four shooting rounds, half in prone position, the other half standing. Depending on the shooting performance, extra distance or time is added to the contestant’s total running distance/time. As in most races, the contestant with the shortest total time wins.
For each shooting round, the biathlete must hit five targets; each missed target must be “atoned for” in one of three ways, depending on the competition format:
by skiing around a 150 metres (490 ft) penalty loop, typically taking 20–30 seconds for top-level biathletes to complete (running time depending on weather/snow conditions),
by having one minute added to a skier’s total time, or
by having to use an “extra cartridge” (placed at the shooting range) to finish off the target; only three such “extras” are available for each round, and a penalty loop must be made for each of the targets left standing.
In order to keep track of the contestants’ progress and relative standing throughout a race, split times (intermediate times) are taken at several points along the skiing track and upon finishing each shooting round. The large display screens commonly set up at biathlon arenas, as well as the information graphics shown as part of the TV picture, will typically list the split time of the fastest contestant at each intermediate point and the times and time differences to the closest runners-up.
Skiing details
All cross-country skiing techniques are permitted in biathlon, which means that the free technique is usually the preferred one, being the fastest. No equipment other than skis and ski poles may be used to move along the track. Minimum ski length is 4 centimetres (1.6 in) less than the height of the skier.
Shooting details
The biathlete carries the small bore rifle, which weighs at least 3.5 kilograms (7.7 lb), including ammunition in magazines on his/her back during the race. The rifles use .22 LR ammunition and are bolt action or Fortner (straight-pull bolt) action.
The target range shooting distance is 50 metres (160 ft). There are five circular targets to be hit in each shooting round. When shooting in the prone position the target diameter is 45 millimetres (1.8 in), when shooting in the standing position the target diameter is 115 millimetres (4.5 in). On all modern biathlon ranges, the targets are self-indicating, in that they flip from black to white when hit, giving the biathlete as well as the spectators instant visual feedback for each shot fired.
Competition format
The 20 kilometres (12 mi) individual race (15 km for women) is the oldest biathlon event; the distance is skied over five laps. The biathlete shoots four times at any shooting lane,[1] in the order of prone, standing, prone, standing, totaling 20 targets. For each missed target a fixed penalty time, usually one minute, is added to the skiing time of the biathlete. Competitors’ starts are staggered, normally by 30 seconds.
The sprint is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) for men and 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) for women; the distance is skied over three laps. The biathlete shoots twice at any shooting lane, once prone and once standing, for a total of 10 shots. For each miss, a penalty loop of 150 metres must be skied before the race can be continued. As in the individual competition, the biathletes start in intervals.
Main article: Pursuit racing
In a pursuit, biathletes’ starts are separated by their time differences from a previous race,[2] most commonly a sprint. The contestant crossing the finish line first is the winner. The distance is 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) for men and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) for women, skied over five laps; there are four shooting bouts (two prone, two standing, in that order), and each miss means a penalty loop of 150 m. To prevent awkward and/or dangerous crowding of the skiing loops, and overcapacity at the shooting range, World Cup Pursuits are held with only the 60 top ranking biathletes after the preceding race. The biathletes shoot on a first-come, first-served basis at the lane corresponding to the position they arrived for all shooting bouts.
Mass start
In the mass start, all biathletes start at the same time and the first across the finish line wins. In this 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) or 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) for women competition, the distance is skied over five laps; there are four bouts of shooting (two prone, two standing, in that order) with the first shooting bout being at the lane corresponding to your bib (Bib #10 shoots at lane #10 regardless of position in race.) with rest of the shooting bouts being at the lane in the position they arrived (Arrive at the lane in fifth place, you shoot at lane five.). As in sprint races, competitors must ski one 150 m penalty loop for each miss. Here again, to avoid unwanted congestion, World Cup Mass starts are held with only the 30 top ranking athletes on the start line (half that of the Pursuit as here all contestants start simultaneously).
The relay teams consist of four biathletes, who each ski 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) (men) or 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) (women), each leg skied over three laps, with two shooting rounds; one prone, one standing. For every round of five targets there are eight bullets available, though the last three can only be single-loaded manually one at a time from spare round holders or bullets deposited by the competitor into trays or onto the mat at the firing line. If after eight bullets there are still misses, one 150 m penalty loop must be taken for each missed target remaining. The first-leg participants start all at the same time, and as in cross-country skiing relays, every athlete of a team must touch the team’s next-leg participant to perform a valid changeover. On the first shooting stage of the first leg, the participant must shoot in the lane corresponding to their bib number (Bib #10 shoots at lane #10 regardless of position in race.), then for the remainder of the relay, the relay team shoots at the lane in the position they arrived (Arrive at the range in 5th place, you shoot at lane five.).
Mixed relay
The most recent addition to the number of biathlon competition variants, the mixed relay, is similar to the ordinary relay but for the composition of the teams, each of which consists of two women and two men. Legs 1 and 2 are done by the women, legs 3 and 4 by the men. The women’s legs are 6 km and men’s legs are 7.5 km as in ordinary relay competitions.
Team (obsolete)
A team consists of four biathletes, but unlike the relay competition, all team members start at the same time. Two athletes must shoot in the prone shooting round, the other two in the standing round. In case of a miss, the two non-shooting biathletes must ski a penalty loop of 150 m. The skiers must enter the shooting area together, and must also finish within 15 seconds of each other; otherwise a time penalty of one minute is added to the total time. Since 2004, this race format has been obsolete at the World Cup level.
Now that you have a basic grasp of what a biathlon is (Thanks Wikipedia ) I would like to let everyone know that I Andrew Dubay competed and completed a Biathlon.
“Him??? With that Muffin Top? “
“He can barely walk to the Bathroom”
“He complains at work, he works in an office?”

I will take your gasps as applause and the laughter as congratulations. I was not going to do it because I was scared and really lazy, but I decided it would be fun and a good experience. We get ready and head over to the course where we have to sign up and size up the competition. Now I know I am going to lose, but my only goal is not to be in last place I don’t want everyone to finish before me. After we sign up they teach us some gun safety (this consisted of an old man telling us to pull the knob back to cock the gun and then shoot).
The other competitors are showing up and they look fierce , I mean the entire boys high school cross country team has shown up , a whole team of coast guard guys or as all the young girls call them “Coasties ( really cause they carry your drink REALLY )”. My main objective is to have one of the girls place because there are not that many women here “if you place then you get money and I want a pizza”. They women don’t look to bad they will probably all be around the same time (better than mine). There is one lady though that looks especially scary, I mean she has got more muscles in her one leg than I do my whole body.
We limber up and take some fun photos while we wait for the race to finally begin; they had to wait until everyone had some time to shoot the guns.
Now they take us out to the start line and line us up in groups of four then we will go in two minute intervals, we are like the fifth group to go , we get all set up snap some more fun pictures, the race guys got one of us maybe we will be in the Sitka newspaper woot woot.
Ok so we start, now I can run like Jamie lee Curtis evading Michael Myers for about 200 yards. So I haul butt and make myself look great till I pass the end of a little bridge where everyone can’t see me , then I start speed walking or as I like to refer to it Soccer mom walk.
• Definition: Soccer mom walk: Clench your ass check together, straighten your back and start speed walking.
OMG I just finished the fist mile and Emily is like breathing down my neck I can’t shake her, this woman is a beast. We go in to shoot lying “prone” and I shoot really quickly so I can get back out to running before her.
Side note my only goal in the race was to beat Emily and Erin
OMG another mile down and she is still on me like a cobra, I go shoot even faster this time standing up, so fast I actually lose a bullet ahahah 5 seconds on my side. I am going to die I don’t know why I keep doing crap like this it’s horrible am soaking wet and my heart my stop beating at any second . Half way through the last mile I am able to keep my lead on Emily. I run and I mean “Jamie run “for the last 200 yards finishing quite nicely if I say so myself.
Emily comes in behind me just by like a minute (she will actually have a better time because she did hit the targets). Erin makes her way in no more than five behind us and we are all so happy we are finally done with this pain ahahahahahah.
Well the girls did not place because they counted everyone and it was a weird system so it looks like no pizza for me  As much as it was painfully and I am all wet I did have an amazing time and I am so happy I have done my first biathlon.

Sitka: The 4th biggest town in Alaska … whew its small

Welcome to Sitka The 4th biggest town in all of Alaska and we’re no bigger than the Detroit Wall mart.

We are going to spend the weekend in Sitka , for Alaska day . Up here the whole world shuts down for Alaska day because they are celebrating their independence from Russia. Now we are going to Sitka because it used to be the capital of Alaska at the time they gained their independence .

The trip was going to involve riding a ferry and staying in a motel , going to museums and brewery’s yeahh I am so excited because this is going to be an amazing vacation. We got up on Friday and got all packed and ready and made our way down to the ferry terminal . Emily , Erin , Jennifer , Micah and I were so very excited for our first Alaska Adventure ( well Micah lives here so its not a first for him ). We got on the boat and totally scoped the whole thing out looking for a good seat because we did not want to have to be quit for the old people or deal with little kids being all bratty.

We start playing this fun little game called Catch phrase, once the boat takes off , well who would have thought it but Jennifer and I have some sort of weird telepathic connection and we are kind of BA while playing this game

Jennifer: They have a Prince
Andrew: Monaco

Jennifer: Black Desert
Andrew : Sahara

Well we attempt some napping and that proves to be a joke , so we go foraging for food and end up on cheese dip and Doritos ahahaha I love it. We finally land in Sitka we are all stoked it going to be a great weekend and a wonderful Alaska Day
Ten minutes later

Ok Sitka is boring , we can go home we have officially seen the whole dang town all two mile of it. This has to be the Smallest and most po dunking town ever , what are we going to do with ourselves for four days omg there is nothing . We check into the hotel under the ruse of their only being two of us , and we set out walking looking for something to do , I don’t even know what we did probably just walked a bit then we decided it was time to eat . We smell this aroma wafting from a building and it smell glorious we follow and its name is AGAVE , it’s a Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican, American , Pizza , and just about anything in between. we had a great dinner that resulted in all of us needing to use the bathroom very urgently. We returned to the hotel and got excited about another day in Sitka the land where there is nothing to do

Someone Call A&E, Because we got ourselves a full Fledged HOARDER

“these photos are not of the house we cleaned they are from the Tv Show Hoarders on A&E”

Here is a Brief descripton of the show

“Each episode of this groundbreaking series follows two different people whose inability to let go of their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of personal disaster. In season three of HOARDERS™, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the people profiled are faced with life-changing consequences including eviction, divorce, demolition of their homes, jail time, loss of their children, and even death.”

This is a spectacular show on A&E and I would recommend that everyone watch it just to see the absolute craziness of it.

Now for the day of caring Jennifer, Nicole and I volunteered to clean a blind woman’s house , we were not told much about this woman but that she was blind . Brenda , Anne and Linnie also went with us into the unexpected. When we got there you could tell it was a different kind of mess , there was stuff everywhere. We split into two groups , me and the girls going to the back of the house to work and the rest laying tiles in the living room ( which was just bare floors ) .
We walk into the kitchen which seems to be one of the best rooms in the house so whew. We make our way to the back and as we get closer to were she sleeps the mess gets worse and worse its getting scary. The lady would like us to go through the closet and help her sort her clothes making sure she only keeps the good clothes and gets rid of the bad ones .

Side note I don’t believe this lady is a full fledged hoarder , her son (her caretaker) died three years ago and she has not been able to clean things away because the chemo took her eyesight. She has also had tons of people come and live with her for a bit , when they do this they leave behind a whole bunch more crap and then her house gets fuller and fuller .

Going through the clothes with her is difficult she is emotionally attached to some of them and its visibliy hard for her to part with them. a lot of the stuff we are able to get rid of , she is working well with us and trusting that if we say its gross that its gross and we can go ahead and get rid of it.

We slowly make some progress in the closet and actually have about four big black bags filled with trash , which is great because we have the use of a truck for the majority of the day and this will make getting rid of trash a whole lot easier.

The lady keeps having pains and keeps going into her room , which makes things more difficult because we have to keep cleaning . We make our way into the laundry room which is disgusting , I mean when I walk in I am walking on about six inches of dirty clothes and other crap. There is a bookcase filled with clothes and other crap , now the cat sleeps on the top of this bookcase and she has probably slept their for the last fourteen years because I have never seen so much hair in my life it’s the most vile thing I have ever seen. Jennifer is one more hairy rug away from chunking all over the room , which is not that much different from what we are actually cleaning up . Finally after about three hours we make it thorough the room and we have this thing looking good . I think we had five big black bags of trash and it took Jennifer six paper towels to clean off the dishwasher and dryer. This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever done in my life.

Now we move on to the hallway where among other things we find a bag or dehydrated strawberries from 1978 , bread mixes from the 80s and about seven sewing machines from the last four decades. We make a lot more shit go bye-bye and its strangely exhilarating to make this house lighter.

We finished for the day and we are all tired , dirty and ready to breath some nice clean air . We have had a great day even though its gross we have got this strange joy out of purging someone’s house and making a difference , I believe we will be going back sometime next month .

“Let play Frisbee” …. What are we Seven ?

Ultimate Firsbee
So Emily decided that we were going to attend a event at UAS …….. Ultimate Frisbee . Now I am hoping that you are a new guest to my blog and that you are getting your first taste of me complaining but for those of you ( Mom and Cathleen ) who read my blog and know me . OMG I cant catch , run or successfully play any team sports why the hell am I going to ULTIMATE FRISBEE. This is going to be the biggest joke ever , I mean are we like going to have to stand there and get picked like in grade school ? I am going to get picked last for sure ,I am sure the guys with one leg and the girl in the wheelchair will all get picked before I do.
We get there and it scary , I mean I went to College but I did not actually interact with any of the students I hid the whole six years I was there ( no it did not take me six years for a bachelors , I got a bachelors and a Masters ). I don’t know why but when I get around college age kids it freaks me out I am like deathly scared of them , its like they have the plague .
So I pay my three dollars ( something else I was not told about ) and one of Jennifer’s dollars because she is apparently a vagabond. We then mill around and Emily spots a foosball tables and lights up like a girl getting a pony “lets go play “ OMFG we have to go into like the REC room and play foosball ( another game I don’t know how to play ) . Well Truit and Emily play while I make fun of Jennifer’s Hip and how much it pops ( its so gross, she is like an old woman with a prosthetic hip its scary). Finally the shirtless basketball players exit the gym and its time for the big guns (ahahah) to go play Ultimate Frisbee . We get in there and these guys are like BA they are running and catching , throwing and grunting . Its one of the scariest things I have ever seen. I am scared I am going to get hit and break my glasses. Flashes of T-ball are coming back and I am fearful I might start crying . Emily runs off and starts playing ,god she is exuberant and cheerful, she makes me feel lazy and miserable. Well me and Jennifer are not going to play because its just scary I might have just seen someone start bleeding and put q- tips up their nose like rocky. We watch Emily play for a bit and then we decide that we are tired of watch these giant men + Emily run around so we go for a walk around the inside of the sports place .
Well we find a room filled with rock walls , we enter and a kid tells us to find a pair of shoes and we can start bouldering .so me and Jennifer find some shoes that fit us somewhat and we walk over to the rock walls and kind of just stand there awkwardly . This monkey man is climbing and jumping and swinging and shit I mean this guy I crazy . Ok so I just start climbing to have some fun because i do love to climb so lets have some fun. We end up climbing around for almost a hour and a half and we had so much fun . it’s a really fun time going to Ultimate Frisbee ahahahahhaha only if you go play on the rock wall.
After the whole night we went to McDonalds because that’s where you go after you have worked out at least a bit ahahahha. We all got big kids meal ( emphasis on the big ). Jennifer informs us that she has not had McDonalds in like five years ( of man she is going to be in the pooper tonight ahahahah ) well it was a great night and a new adventure for me J

Day of Caring

Day of Caring
The United way has a special day each year that they devote to caring and helping. The goal of Day of Caring is for community member and business to take a day and help other non profit businesses in the community . Some examples of jobs were the Polaris house ( Center for people with mental problems ) doing a food drive for the local food bank. United way ( Me , Nicole, Jennifer, Anne and Brenda Cleaning a blind ladies house. People fixing potholes , painting , cleaning , building , planting . it’s a day where the people of Juneau get to give back to others who have helped during the year. I absolutely love this idea and I think it should be more widely spread and that everyone should participate. The joy of giving your time and actually making a difference makes anyone feel better. Helping gives you a sense of euphoria and it makes you feel like your worthy of something and that the person you helped is special. I am very happy to say that this was the biggest year that the United Way of Southeast Alaska has ever had. We had over 100 volunteer ( multiple helping on extra days ) going around Juneau caring.

“Tip It ” – Maggie Griffin

First Friday is an event in Juneau where on the first Friday of every month all the art gallery owners stay open later and let the citizens of Juneau come through there shops . The best part about this is that they serve little chesses , veggies , Chocolate and in some cases WINE . Now I don’t want to give everyone the impression that my friends and I are alcoholics , but we were on the hunt , like Cruela De Vil looking for puppies we wanted WINE. Normally we are not as drinky drinky but I mean come on it was free we had to make the rounds and get a few glasses. If store owners were giving out free alcohol then we were going to take advantage of it and now feel guilty about it . The First two places had some beautiful art and some nice snacks but alas no wine . Place three was a garden themed art gallery ( OMG lots of art gallery’s in Juneau ) and what is that to my surprise Wine . We all seven go flocking to the back where the wine is unattended at the back table whoo hooo . We quickly pour our selves rather large glasses before the shop owner can get to us and reclaim her bottle . We mosey around the shop for a couple seconds and bounce faster than Lindsay Lohans last rehab stint. Whew mission complete we have had some free wine , now I know it was only a glass but I think the fact that it was free makes it taste better because I am feeling a bit fine and fancy . We wander around for while and are unable to find any more wine. Finally our group is in desperate need of more wine so we go to the local liquor store and purchase more ( in handy little juice box containers) . All seven of us are trolling the streets carrying our juice box container wine ( Maggie Griffin would be Proud) . After some difficulty we decide on getting some pizza for dinner and go eat out on the dock under an awning listening to the rain pound down. it’s a great night and I believe we are all ready for bed , we have had a few “glasses” of wine and some pizza . Wow I cant believe Its only Seven thirty , maybe next month we should pace ourselves a bit more.