Carl and Chinelos

Michelle’s Boy friend Carl came for a visit last week and went home with Michelle on Tuesday  I Miss Michelle the house is not the same without here. While Carl was here we had some fun. We went to a devil burning ceremony at the Jardin borda , me and Carl had some Tequila before so that made it even more fun . We had Churros , Kelly Scared a Chinelo and we ate Some Alambre . Had a blast with Carl and wish him and Michelle were still here. They left Monday.
Other Exciting New I had scorpion in my room , that was fun while I sat in my bed SCREAMING Anna had to come in and kill it for me I was like a little woman it was so scary I have never seen and never care to see another in my life .
School was fun this week played lots of games and had fun , worked with Anna and here school kids that was very enjoyable because we got to listen to them practice their English on us it was a nice change of pace and I liked being the person doing the correcting 