Death by Olas

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO Kelly and I are going to Acapulco whooo hoooo so excited or all the fun and the beautiful beach. We get up real early and go to the station; we have our clothes and all the goodies we bought at MEGA. We get on the bus and we are stoked for the Pop, we just chill and have a relaxing bus ride. We arrive in Acapulco about 1200 and we get a taxi and go straight to our hotel The Mara Lisa. We check in and we are both just flipping out inside because we are finally here and we are just so happy. Our room is beautiful and we absolutely love the view. We get our stuff and went down to the beach we had a towel and our books because we were going to lay in the sun. Well we walked near the water and WHOSH we were wet; damn we had our towels and stuff wet as well, we return to the room dump the stuff. We Go down stairs and give the Manager our room key because we want to play in the water, I trip and fall in the process and bang up my leg, there are little cuts all over ahah what a klutz. Went to the beach and started to play in the waves, whoo hooo its so much fun jumping the waves. Wave number five is huge and it knocks me over slamming me into the sand .when this happens I know something is wrong my hand is killing me. I get out of the water and make it up to the sand I sit down and my hand is throbbing, I think I either jammed or dislocated my ring and pinky fingers. When I pulled them I felt something pop, well I go back to the room get a drink and some rest. Continue to walk the beach and I now have a bird wing. We make our way all the way over to some really big rocks and we both get up on them and sit there happy for a bit of a relaxing moment. About every fifth wave just sprays us and we are just having a great time. all of a sudden a huge wave comes and takes Kelly with it , she is then slammed into rocks and pulled out slammed and pulled out about five times. I think time four I had her had but she just slipped out of my hands the water was so strong. I thought about jumping in, but I would have been in the same position as her I was freaking out I thought she was going to hit her head and die. She finally got pushed up a bit higher and was able to get some footing and haul ass out of the water. A man comes running down the beach and we help Kelly out of the cove. He says ohh its bad come with me, she is leaving a trail of blood behind her. We go up to his area which is a bathroom place. An old woman is yelling at him and telling him what to do with her. The guy washes her foot and legs and then tells Kelly that we should call an ambulance, we don’t want to cause its expensive and we don’t know how bad the cuts actually are. The lady says she will take care of them, she cleans them and then puts cigarette ash on them and bandages them up. She adds ups Kelly’s total and actually charges her for the cigarette that she lit just for the ash ahahaha. We have to walk back on the street because Kelly can’t walk in the sand. We buy Kelly some sandals but don’t have enough money for two pairs so I am barefoot. We proceed to walk back about maybe a mile. I have to run from shade to shade because the sun has made the sidewalks so hot you can’t even imagine. Kelly is hobbling in her bikini covered in sand and with bandaged feet; I am running with no shoes and only a swimsuit and my right hand hanging limply from my side. I don’t even know what the people of Acapulco thought of us. When we finally made it back to the room we stayed there for a few hours. We almost lost our lives in Acapulco 

Mexican Cult

Church, Evilia the nurse who watches Tia had a nice long conversation with Kelly about god and religion and she invited us to go to church with her. Michelle, Kelly and I went to the church meet Evilia and her daughter. We start with some upbeat songs and some singing and dancing by all. After eight songs I am growing restless. I believe we made it to about 12 with maybe some announcements and some hefty hugging. Finally the pastor is going to start the sermon; we all think it will be a short one because it’s over an hour. Nope he just rallies into a Billy graham inspired sermon, he proceeded to preach for more than an hour and then we had some more songs and prayer time. By time they let us out it had been three hours. I was so hot it was not even pretty I looked like Bette Midler after a three hour performance. On the way out I was touched and; loved by everyone I passed. I do believe that we attended the first meeting of a cult and that they were probably excited for the three American kids that they could induct into the cult. After church we went out to have Mexican Chinese food which was weird because it tasted good but it defiantly did not taste like American Chinese food. After lunch we went to the Jardin Borda which is a beautiful garden and it was very relaxing and a nice place to go. We got home about 500 ish, whew what a long day but of course any day would be long when you spend five hours in a cult church (no the church was fine just a bit too long for my taste)

Mexican Weekend

Jan 25th
This weekend was quite an eventful one on Friday night my home here got another student .Her name is Michelle and she is doing her student teaching here. We watched some movies with the whole family on Friday night, up in the Air and The Lovely Bones. Saturday we had our second cooking class, we ad quesadillas with potatoes, Cheese and Chorizo. They were so amazing I ate like five of them ha-ha. Saturday night we had been invited to Rudy’s birthday party. We arrived to the party and walk in we are literally the only four Americans in the whole room. It was hysterical. It was one of those photos “which one does not belong “we sit down and start eating some food, because us white people are Hungry ha-ha. We start talking o a girl who lives in Mexico City and speaks Fluent English. It was funny that we found someone who understood us even in a foreign country. Romania and her boyfriend were super nice to us. We also meet Susanna who is American and moved down to Mexico a year or so ago. We ended up having an amazing evening and dancing and having a really great time. It was fun to be able to party with some Mexican people. Slept in on Sunday ahahahahah, then Kelly and I went to church with my family. This church is huge and it was packed with probably 300 people. I was completely taken aback by home a people were in the church. Catholicism is huge down here and it was a very interesting thing to see. After church we went to El Mercado, Rudy had to buy some flowers. This place it HUGE its bigger than like three meijers put together .We walked around gawking at all the food and veggies that are all over and for sale . It was one of the coolest places we have been on the entire trip. There is one thing that is beyond disgusting we saw some bugs crawling on a stick and Anna told us that people buy them alive and then eat them. I almost puked right there it was so nasty. I told my mexi mom later that if she made that for dinner I would not be eating any ha-ha.


I have been fine it’s not been to exciting in the last week or so I think I might be getting a little bit sick which would suck if it’s true but hopefully it’s just some allergy’s

 She will be leaving in like 16 days and the house will be completely different when she leave I don’t know what I will do.
Kelly and Sabin
Are doing ok, they are ready to go home and see their families, which is so true for all of us this has been hard and exciting and we are ready to go home and be with our loved ones.
School – Sucks
Still looking for a job idk where or what but looking so if you find one let me know.
Family – Mexican and American, All good
Miranda – all better just a small scar on her fore head
True Blood – OMG Love this Show everyone should watch it
Well that’s about it for updates not much Happening

Well hey there little lady where Ya Headed

We went to Guanajuato for a trip and it was very exciting. We got on the bus at 1130 at night bacsue it takes six hours to get there and we would not make it to León till like 530 then another bus to Guanajuato. The bus was big and nice and I and Sabin were able to get some sleep. I woke him up a million times as I stepped over his seat to go to the Bano. The bus was freezing and the jack driver had the air on the whole night so it was like a bud light freezer without the beer in there. Once we arrived in Leon, Mary Cruz, Kelly and I had to use the bathroom aahahah I know again. Sabin stayed with the bags, while we were gone a very creepy beggar with a giant under bite came up to him and asked him how he was doing and for some money. Sabin was completely repulsed ahaha I love it the crazies always find him ahah. We went to Guanajuato and had a really long day visiting Museums and seeing some really creepy mummies (one even had pubic hair). At night Mary Cruz told us we were going to follow some band through the streets and it would be fun. Well we were a bit apprehensive because it was late and we were tired. Well it was an amazing evening the band was amazing and it was such a fun and unique experience. The next day was lots more touring and visiting tons of different places in Guanajuato. We went to León about nine and when we arrived in the bus stations you would not believe who would come and sit down right next to Sabin, but his beggar friend from two days before. We all almost pissed ourselves it was such a funny experience. We had to wait till eleven thirty to get on the bus but we got back to Cuernavaca about 630 in the morning ugh long day Oscars on tonight

Mothers Departure

Mother left, she was here for six days and we had some fun times and did some crazy things. I am so happy she was able to make it here and I hope she had an amazing time. I hope my Mexican family loved her and the food that she made. Mother did love the Mexican food, her favorite was of course Tacos Alambre ahaahahahah Love them. Well she is gone and now we go back to normal with school and life.

“Well we know if we are going anywhere important we wont be rowing ” – Kelly

Las Estacas
Sunday we went to Las Estscas which is a River that is situated in the jungle, you can swim boat and have fun the whole day. Las Estacas is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in y life and you can’t even fathom how amazing of a place it is, It Looks like the set for Jurassic Park. We arrived and made our way to the Waterfall where you can jump from about ten feet into the Water. Sabin and I went first and it was so cool, I felt like six year old or something it was so cool jumping into the water. Kelly finally went after watching us go a few times and even she had a blast. We then swam all the way back to the main part by following the river. After lunch we decide to rent a boat and the four of us would row from the waterfall all the way down the river , Great idea we were rowing “me and Sabin “ and mother and Kelly were sitting on the sides . Well its official me and Sabin might be tow of the worst rowers ever we went in so many circles we almost had motion sickness. At one point we rowed into the shore and there was a nest of iguanas which scared the shit out of all of us. Kelly and Mother almost fell out of the boat because of the Iguanas. Later Kelly decided to swim the raft so we could make some headway; well it did not work so I went to pull her back in and almost fell out myself it was quite an event ahahah. We were running short on time and did not want to pay more money for the boat so we had to swim to shore and drag the heavy ass boat out of the water and carry it back. It was an adventure that’s for sure. We played in the water and had Kelly take pictures of us jumping and falling into the water. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back.