Mexican Weekend

Jan 25th
This weekend was quite an eventful one on Friday night my home here got another student .Her name is Michelle and she is doing her student teaching here. We watched some movies with the whole family on Friday night, UP IN THE AIR and THE LOVELY BONES.

Saturday we had our second cooking class, we had quesadillas with potatoes, Cheese and Chorizo. They were so amazing I ate like five of them ha-ha. Saturday night we had been invited to Rudy’s birthday party. We arrived to the party and walk in we are literally the only four Americans in the whole room. It was hysterical. It was one of those photos “which one does not belong” we sit down and start eating some food, because us white people are Hungry ha-ha. We start talking to a girl who lives in Mexico City and speaks Fluent English. It was funny that we found someone who understood us even in a foreign country.

Romania and her boyfriend were super nice to us. We also meet Susanna who is American and moved down to Mexico a year or so ago. We ended up having an amazing evening and dancing and having a really great time. It was fun to be able to party with some Mexican people. Slept in on Sunday ahahahahah, then Kelly and I went to church with my family. This church is huge and it was packed with probably 300 people. I was completely taken aback by home a people were in the church. Catholicism is huge down here and it was a very interesting thing to see.The worst part about it was that i was hung over and had to keep grabing the bench in front of me to stop myself from pasing out because the church was at least a thousand degress.

After church we went to El Mercado, Rudy had to buy some flowers. This place it HUGE its bigger than like three meijers put together .We walked around gawking at all the food and veggies that are all over and for sale . It was one of the coolest places we have been on the entire trip. There is one thing that is beyond disgusting we saw some bugs crawling on a stick and Anna told us that people buy them alive and then eat them. Th I almost puked right there it was so nasty. I told my mo later that if she made that for dinner I would not be eating any ha-ha.

Cock Fight

Today was another visit to Tepotzlan, for a festival that they have there every year celebrating the town’s saint? The village was all decked out they have food and rides and Aztec dancers. It was very much like the Mexican version of the fair, with a religious aspect. The church was filled with all different types of flowers and it was amazing. We were able to climb up a small set of spiral stairs and walk around on top of the church; we had a great view of the city and all the festivities that were going on. Once we had seen everything Mary Cruz takes us somewhere offs the beaten path to like someone’s back yard. We realize at this point that this is a cock fight she is taking us to. She convinces the people running it to let us in, because they were worried we were going to call the police or something. Cock fights are extremely illegal in Mexico and had the police shown up at an instant everyone would have went to jail. So we walk over to the ring where everyone is standing in a circle. They are hollering and cheering loudly, the people are getting very excited. We can’t see anything because they are too many people, but soon someone walks out of the ring with a rooster and we assume that was the winner. People disperse and we are able to move up and get a better view of the ring it’s just a dirt circle with some little posts set up making up the ring. There is some blood on the dirt and its surprising ho vivid and red it is against the dark brown earth. Men bring up their roosters and they start to measure them and weight them. It’s like a boxing match and the heavyweights have to weigh in before they can start the match. During the weigh in a super drunk man comes up and decides he would like to make Kelly his wife. He starts hitting on her and talking to her in drunk Spanish and English, it was hysterical. She turns around and says “these are my parents” referring to Mary Cruz and her husband. the man just quietly says “ lo siento” and then says “ is this your brother “ referring to me Kelly says “yes” and the drunk goes “ ok cause the skins matches “ . Ahahaha it was so funny, we laughed about t for quite a while and if Kelly every needs anyone to talk to we made sure we got his number for her. (Joke) They are finally done weighing the roosters and they start attaching the talons to their feet. The reason they do this is so when they go to claw each other they can actually kill each there. It takes some time to get the talons on correctly and the entire time I am getting nervous and starting to get a really bad stomach ache I want to run into the ring and grab the roosters and throw them into the field I want to open everyone’s cages and let them go free. The whole experience it’s starting to upset me but I want to view it because it is a part of Mexican culture. Finally they are done with the talons and they bring out another bird and they like get the roosters all riled up by hitting them and letting this “warm up bird” hurt them a bit. After all the Mexican people are done making bets we are ready to start the match. They but the roosters down and hold onto their tails, BAM hey let go and the two birds run towards each other reedy to kill. The fight only lasted about 50 seconds before both of the birds were lying on the ground one was bleeding profusely and the other looked to have a broken wing. Their trainers picked them up and the one bird is just pouring blood it’s so sad, They put them down and the one does not move it has died the other bird is the victor , the green team has one and many people are very hapy about this. The owner comes and picks up his birds body and carefully carries him away. I think he was a bit sad that he lost his bird it almost felt like he did love that bird ever though he made it fight. The cock fight was one of the most disturbing and nasty things I have ever seen I will happily never see one aging in my life but it was an experience and how many people can say they have been to a Mexican cock fight.

Enchiladas Verdes

Jan 16th 2010
Today we had our first of six cooking classes. We were making enchiladas and Guacamole. We started at the grocery store, where Lucy (My Mexican mom) told us what type of veggies to buy and when they were ripe and stuff like that. We bought some Tomatoes, Tomatoes Verdes (green Toms) Chiles, Pollo, and some Cilantro. We went home and started making the food it was so much fun. I have not cooked since I left home and it was really enjoyable to be able to do something I love to do in Estados Unidos. The only down side was I got really depressed because the cooking made me miss my family. I think this whole time we had been doing stuff that was fun and being likes visitors. Once we did something that I would have done in the US with my family t made me miss them really badly. After I ate I was really sad .The food was awesome though I enjoyed it so much , I was worried it was going to be too spicy , but I was not it was really good.

I am going to translate the Recipe here for you

Enchilada Verdes
• 1 big Chicken Breast
• Sour Cream
• Cheese
• Lettuce
• Tortillas
• 2 Green Tomatoes , or Tomates Verdes , the little tomatoes with the skins on
• 2 Chiles Serrano’s ,
• Some Onion

Boil the Chicken in a pressure cooker, or just a pan till its cooked; boil it with some garlic, salt and a big chunk of the Onion. At the same time boil your green tomatoes and the two pepper whole in some water. When they are done the will change colors and looks really dark. Get out a blender and put you tomatoes and peppers into it, take the tops off your peppers. Add a little bit of the water you boiled the tomatoes in. OHH and let it cool before you do this. Once it in the blender and cooled mix it up makes it into a sauce. Once it’s a sauce pour into a big frying pan and heat back up.
Once chicken is boiled and cooled shred and put in bowl, cut lettuce and get out cheese and Tortillas. Once your tomatoes sauce is hot drop a tortilla in it and let it cool for a little bit pull out and put chicken in it and rolls back up make as many and each person wants. Top with lettuce, cheese and some sour cream. It’s a very good meal and everyone should try it.


I have a Tia (Aunt) here in Mexico and she is the cutest thing you have ever seen she is like 83 years old and the poor thing can’t get around very fast. She is the most delightful person you have ever met. I can’t talk to her because we don’t understand each other very much, but she is amazing. When you look at her she smiles and makes you feel better. I am very happy she is a part of this house and I have the privilege of meeting her.

The Proposal

Day seven, Jan 7th
We had to take the metro this morning and since Kelly was trying to uphold all of the Mexicans traditions including greeting everyone, when she walked onto the bus she said at the loudest her voice could go “HOLA BUENOS DIAS”. Nick was slightly embarrassed to say the least, I thought it was brilliant. We went to the Basicalla de Guadalupe, which is the biggest church in Latin America and is considered the Mecca for Spanish Catholics. This church is huge and very beautiful. After the church we went and had a little breakfast and then got on a bus headed for Teotihuacán. Teotihuacan is a place about an hour away where they have the pyramids from the Aztecs. We get there and start making our way into the area where they are located. There are two huge pyramids, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon. Along with these two pyramids there are multiple piles of rubble and homes in disrepair it’s amazing to see something so old still standing and in such a good condition the whole place is absolutely amazing to look at . We decide to make our way up to the pyramid of the sun which is the largest one there is, we come across a tunnel that goes under the stairs and nick tells us when can go under it so all four of us (Sabin, Kelly, Lisa and me) start to crawl through the tunnel it was so cool, and nick got a great picture. We make it to the base of the pyramid and it’s huge; it’s in the same size range as the pyramids of Giza.
We start walking up and it’s so hard I am huffing and puffing, I stop every so often to catch my breath but my whole body is burning ugh it’s so hard to walk up stairs. Finally I make it to the top and it has o be one of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my entire life We take some pictures and nicks informs us that in the direct center of the pyramid is a stop where people touch it and then raise their hands to the sky wanting to receive energy from the sun god. We sit down and have a small picnic, more of those nuts that got me attacked by the Mexican raccoon. Nick waves us off and tells us to circle the perimeter taking in the view and then when we return we can go. We walk off and proceed to play and take dumb pictures of each other. We go up to the top to take some sun god pictures when a foreign couple asks me to take a photo of them. I finish taking the photo when I hear Kelly scream “ANDREW GET THE F**K OVER HERE “I turn around and run over. Nick has just proposed to Lisa, we go running down to congratulate and take photos. She is so excited she is crying, it’s so beautiful. We are so happy for them; we take numerous photos and talk very loudly for quite a few minutes. We finally make our way down the pyramid all of us just so happy; we continue to walk over to the moon pyramid. I and Kelly decide we want to buy them an engagement present, so we stop at one of the street vendor’s people and find an obsidian dog we both like. We buy their present and hide it from them; we will give it to them at dinner. We go up the moon pyramid and take some more pictures with the sun pyramid in the back ground. Then we go towards the busses and shop a little bit on the way a lama hat being my purchase. We get on the bus and go back to Mexico City where we will change and then go out for a fiesta to celebrate. We go to a restaurant and we give them their dog, We think they like it : ) We have a great dinner and head back to go to bed , Best day of the trip so far .

We made That City Fierce

Day six, Jan 6th

Today we go up and left for México City, we will be spending the next three days thee. The bus took about two hours to get there, we watched Changeling in Spanish. We get to México City and we make our way to our hotel. There is s many freaking people it’s not even funny, they are totally not kidding when they say this is the biggest city in the world. After we leave our crap in our rooms and take some pictures from the roof balcony. (We held on to Kelly because we were worried she was going to fall off – Glitter Queen) We went to the cathedral, it’s a huge church and the inside is really stunning. I don’t know which is bigger but I look close in size to st. Peters basicilla in Rome. In the courtyard area outside the cathedral, the government and Pepsi have pad for an Ice rink and various ice related games, Snowball fighting, Snowmobile racing, sledding and snowman making. It’s so cute to see all these children so excited and entranced to play with something I think of as so common. In Michigan we don’t even like the snow and these kids are having the time of their lives playing in it. For the snowball fighting they even put helmets on the kids it was so funny. Kelly suggested we go in and school the Mexican kids on how to play snowball fights. We went to the government palace where there is a huge mural by Diego Rivera; it was very cool to see such a detailed piece of work. This palace ha a cactus garden which is inhabited by cats, there were probably 20 cats just sleeping and laying around. We have not seen cats the entire time we have been in Mexico, beacsue they are all here in the palace. The girls pretended to be cast members on Mexico’s next top model and they made those cacti look fierce, they both hurt themselves in the process but the pictures are great. We then had dinner and went to lies favorite store ZARA. This place is packed with everyone I don’t know why the crap was expensive, but this bitch was full to capacity. We maneuver our way around and goof off a bit Kelly decides to take a picture of me and I get yelled at, boy that was nice. Then Kelly’s goes to take another picture and all three of us get yelled at. So we decide to stand there and wait for Nick and Lisa, but some fat lady decides to let that rotten chicken she at for lunch go right behind us. It smelled like a sewer being opened it was so disgusting. I look at Kelly and ask her “ I won’t judge but if it’s you can we move “ she’s like “no omg its so gross” we run walk to another part of the store where there is just the normal polluted México city air and it feels so much better. We get out of that busy store and head home for the night. We watch a stupid hallmark movie “Fat Like me “ at the end of watching a movie about obese women and their struggles with weight Lisa says “ I want some candy “.Kelly and I decide we are the most logical choices to go and get candy form the corner store . We bundle u ad set out on our adventure, were taking pictures and laughing having a good time. We get to Seven 11 and grab ton of candy, we put in on the counter and she rings it all up 130 pesos. OOPS we empty our pockets and we only have like 100 pesos, so we tell her to take some of the things off, she gives us a look that could have melted a block of ice. She had to have been the nastiest seven 11 worker I have ever meet. We had an amazing adventure and a great day in Mexico City, expect for those ladies farts.

Kings Day

Day Five Jan 5th
Today was a nice and easy day, we went to the ficua, The black market where we did some shopping; it was great huge scary place that kind of smelled like pee. “Every place has part that smells like pee even you and me” (anonymous). We also went to the cemetery which is one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever seen. Then we went to a waterfall, which was amazing to see. That evening we had a party for Kings Day, which is the historical day in which the three wise men came and brought baby Jesus gold, franensence and myrrh. In Mexico they have a party where they eat a loaf of bread much like a big fruit cake without a lot of fruit. Inside the bread is hidden a baby Jesus, whoever gets this baby Jesus has to make tamales for the next religious holiday. Lisa got the baby so she has to start preparing them, I am sure she knows how to makes some amazing tamales.